the wounded

the wounded

Again the tragedy, and the questions are many. Is there a metro risk analysis? How was it not done after the tragedy on line 12? Could they have guessed that this would happen? It is hard for me to think otherwise, Mexico City is sustained in some areas on pins, including the Metro and the ability to care for patients in an emergency.

Last year Claudia Sheinbaum announced the program to strengthen the ambulance system, in addition to committing to reduce response time. Since October 2022, there are only 30 ambulances for the entire city, the goal was to have 64, with a response time of 15 minutes.

The wounded in the subway narrated in various testimonies how it took around thirty minutes to begin to be treated. Everyone was slow to arrive, especially the authorities.

The incomplete list of the injured does not recognize those who sought medical attention by their own means.

The relative of one of the injured who was being treated at the San Angel Inn Chapultepec Hospital asked the media to remind people, even if they felt fine, to return for care, they breathed black smoke for a long time, his relative realized when In the sampling, the Covid test swab came out black.

The operation outside the Chapultepec hospital, where most of the wounded were, drew attention. In order to enter, you had to cross a guard in the form of a fence made up of city workers, police officers and elements of the prosecutor’s office. I had to see one of the patients come out with the neck brace on, also escorted by government personnel, immediately get into a car that was waiting for him at the end of the shift and he left.

It seems that more attention, effort and resources are put into fixing errors than preventing them, which indicates that they will continue to happen.

When does Claudia return to Morelia?

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