Arsat expands Internet connectivity capacity throughout the country

The World Bank will finance Arsat’s digital infrastructure programs

Arsat Connectivity (file photo)

The World Bank will grant a loan for 170 million dollars to Argentina to finance the digital infrastructure development program whose objective is to close the digital gaps through the services provided by the state company Arsat, revealed today the Cabinet Office.

“The Digital Infrastructure Development Program provides for a loan of 170 million dollars and aims to promote innovation in the digital services provided by the State through ARSAT“explained a statement.

He added that “in a present that has as one of the great challenges to improve the digital infrastructure, the Government advances in a project with the World Bank that aims to close the digital gaps and federalize the infrastructure destined for connectivity.”

“The Digital Infrastructure Development Program, which will be coordinated by the Chief of Cabinet and provides credits from the international organization for 170 million dollars, specifically aims to promote innovation in digital services provided by the State through ARSAT,” he said.

In this first stage, the deputy head of the National Cabinet, George Nemeand the director of the World Bank in Argentina, jordan schwartzclosed the Mission of the Digital Infrastructure Development Program.

Arsat Connectivity Photo Archive
Arsat Connectivity (file photo)

“This is an unprecedented operation. will position Argentina as a benchmark in reducing digital divides and in the federalization of infrastructure through data,” said Neme, in addition to underlining the role of international organizations “not only as fundamental investment tools for the fulfillment of public policies, but also as catalysts for updating conceptual frameworks of these policies.

For his part, Schwartz referred to the great wealth of information and knowledge shared by Argentina since the beginning of the Mission, which included visits and technical meetings with ARSAT representatives, and mentioned, as did the Deputy Chief of Staff, that “it is of an operation without precedents that will allow the World Bank to transfer the experience to other countries”.

The last visit of a World Bank technical mission to Arsat was on March 10, when they were received by the president of the company Matías Tombolini and the then general manager Pablo Néstor Tognetti.

On that occasion, the mission was headed by the Regional Director of Infrastructure, Franz Drees-Gross, and they evaluated projects for technological improvements in the company’s National Data Center and the strengthening and future expansion of the federal digital infrastructure.

The loan in preparation for the program broadcast on Saturday by the Chief of Staff has two close backgrounds: the Project for Digital Inclusion and Innovation of Public Services in Argentina, currently in action; and the Modernization and Innovation Project for Public Services in Argentina, which ended with an execution of 97% of the loan in 2021.

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