The woman who was beaten in a brothel dies and the Prosecutor's Office changes the investigation to femicide

The woman who was beaten in a brothel dies and the Prosecutor’s Office changes the investigation to femicide

August 19, 2022, 10:12 PM

August 19, 2022, 10:12 PM

This Friday, Mery Laura FJ, 28, lost her life. after being in a coma for almost a day, as a result of an attack he received from a subject in a nightclub, while the other watched and did nothing about it. The Prosecutor’s Office has already changed the crime of the investigation to femicide and is following in the footsteps of the two.

Medical reports indicate that the woman died this morning as a result of cardiorespiratory arrest. She had been hospitalized since Thursday morning, but he had a reserved prognosis, since he was brain dead as a result of the attack he suffered.

The lifeless body was transferred from the private clinic where she was hospitalizedlocated in the third ring road and double lane to La Guardia, to the morgue of the Pampa de la Isla hospital by agents of the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc).

The relatives of the victim asked the police to find the aggressors, noting that they were already identifiedthanks to the surveillance cameras of the nightclub, where Mery Laura was strangled and beaten.

“Two men are shown in the video, one of them suffocated her and the other was sitting watching. The person in charge already has all the evidence, they even gave us the name, ”said the brother of the deceased to the media.

The woman is being veiled in a house on Bush Avenue and She will be buried this Thursday, as confirmed by the relative.

According to the investigations carried out by the Special Force to Fight Violence (Felcv), the aggression It was recorded in the early hours of Thursday, August 18, in a lenocide located in the fourth ring and Radial 19. The two authors fled, leaving the woman seriously injured.

The victim was helped by local workers to a clinic located on the double road to La Guardia and the third ring road, where he arrived without vital signs, but thanks to the resuscitation efforts, his heart started beating again.

For her part, the prosecutor María del Carmen Roca indicated that investigations were initiated to find the two aggressors of the 28-year-old woman. She pointed out that the case was classified as attempted femicide, in the first instancebut after the death it changed to femicide.

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