the water business

the water business

Inaki Fernandez Bogado

Water is essential for human life. Without her you can not live. Today there are serious signs of lack of it that endanger the continuity of life for many. In most cases, if there are no programs and political plans to regulate its use and/or consumption, the future looks very dark.

Now Mexico is desperate for water as soft drink companies consume billions of liters. In fact, the largest market in the world for Coca Cola is that market. This country has under its soil, in addition to water, land and roots of its flora, also black gold or oil, which also has its economic value, perhaps it has become much more than the vital liquid due to the amount of benefits and use that is has extracted from this natural good but from that we do not live. In other countries a liter of water is worth more than a liter of the best fuel.

Water has a value perhaps even overvalued by the human being that we consume and use water for life and under some soils how the Paraguayan exists a total area of ​​1,150,000 km² of groundwater shared with Brazil and Uruguay in what is called the “Guaraní Aquifer”. A known natural gift that represents one of the largest underground water reservoirs in the world.

It is now that perhaps belatedly they realize or experience this dilemma in the fair distribution and use of the common good that water is or should be for all the world’s inhabitants. A space that due to poor care, greed and other bad adjectives of selfishness make it very difficult even to continue existing in our common home: the earth. This is what is happening with Mexicans today, a country with many natural resources that, when well managed, can solve basic needs such as quenching thirst or drinking this good for the internal health of our system.

serious contradictions

As drought grips cities like Monterrey, people line up with buckets of brackish water. But Coca-Cola and other companies continue to extract groundwater to develop their products criticized for being addictive and damaging to health.

The drought in northern Mexico it means that the taps are dry in the city of Monterrey managed mainly by the city authorities, they are the only way to bring water to homes and businesses. The biggest contradiction that the carbonated water companies continue to extract the vital liquid for their businesses while people do not have to drink. The same thing happens among us since the soft drink companies do not pay anything to the treasury for the extraction of water for their products.

In Mexico, meanwhile, anger is growing against beverage companies with bottling plants here, including Coca Cola and Heineken, who are pumping billions of liters of water from public reservoirs as people go thirsty. A terrible contradiction.

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