Edgar Sánchez

The Venezuelan painter Edgar Sánchez, National Prize for Plastic Arts in 1998, passed away

Edgar Sanchez
Photo: Cultural Sphere

Relatives of the painter Edgar Sánchez confirmed to The National the afternoon of this Wednesday, May 11, his death at 81 years of age. Sánchez was awarded the National Prize for Plastic Arts in 1998.

The painter’s nephew, Elio Sánchez, and his wife Luisa Macías, reported that the cause of death was cardiorespiratory arrest and that the funeral ceremonies and burial will take place in the Cementerio del Este, Caracas.

He made a report for his family about how he was doing in his exhibitions

They remembered Edgar Sánchez as a happy person, “he loved having lunch at home on Sundays, meeting with his family, with his friends.”

«Every time he had an exhibition, whether in Venezuela or abroad, he would notify his family, his nephews, brothers, so that we could accompany him, either physically or through the networks. Then he gave us a report telling us how he had done in the exhibition. He was a very familiar person », they said.

They also referred to the painter’s wife, Yolanda, with whom “he formed a beautiful couple.” “They complemented each other very well. It leaves Aunt Yolanda with a big void. He was a very, very special person. His departure hits us a lot », they expressed when clarifying that Sánchez and his wife did not have children.


The International Council of Museums of Venezuela expressed its condolences to the relatives for the death of the artist. Similarly, the Freites Gallery expressed its regret over the news.

«Edgar Sánchez: master of the arts, excellent painter, highly appreciated figure and attached to the Gallery. With solidity and discipline, he provided essential original contributions to the figurative narratives of contemporary art in Venezuela». This is how the Gallery described the painter.

And he considered it “an honor to work with him for more than 40 years. His journey, contributions and friendship are incalculable. We will remember him as a generous creator with knowledge, who left a mark of deep affection among his friends, colleagues and students».

Edgar Sanchez

Edgar Sánchez was born on September 28, 1940 in Agua Grande, Lara state, although from 1950 he lived in the capital of that entity, Barquisimeto, where four years later he entered the “Martín Tovar y Tovar” School of Plastic Arts.

In 1960, he moved to Caracas and entered the Central University of Venezuela in the career of Architecture and Urbanism, but did not complete these studies.

His nephews commented that the painter deeply loved his native state. «He was adopted by Caracas and enjoyed it very much. But he also remembered Lara a lot », he pointed out.

Sánchez leaves a prolific construction site which makes him be considered one of the main Venezuelan plastic artists in the last half century. «Edgar Sánchez has made notable contributions to Venezuelan art in the field of figuration and in the development of a pictorial technique of superimposed planes that are built through a network of lines, dots and brief stains. This has given all of his work a particular stamp and has allowed him to carry out plastic inquiries around the texture and space of the painting, in various themes that include the human figure, faces and landscape ». So he described Artnexus 96 the contributions of the painter.


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