Reported 5,615 new coronavirus infections in Argentina

Coronavirus: they ask to maintain hygiene measures and expand vaccination

They recommend completing the anticovid and flu vaccination schedules this fall.

Provincial health authorities asked the population to maintain hygienic care and complete the anticovid and flu vaccination schemes this fall after an increase in coronavirus cases and the circulation of seasonal viruses and respiratory diseases were reported in some districts.

After Sunday’s weekly report warned of a doubling in the number of Covid-19 positives in the last week, with 17,646 new reported cases and 176 deaths, several health officials agreed that “the pandemic is not over” and they recommended avoiding crowds and ventilating the environments.

Buenos Aires province

In this framework, the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak, affirmed that although in the province registered a “for now slight to moderate” increase in infections of coronavirus this did not lead “neither to an increase in on-call consultations, nor hospitalizations.”

Kreplak recalled that “respiratory diseases are spread especially when the cold begins” and stressed that “what we have to do is wear the mask indoors and ventilate to prevent the air from concentrating. If we do that, the risk is neutralized.” .

After recalling that in the province “almost 90% of the population has the second dose and almost 50% have the third”, he pointed out that “it is important that after four months have passed, the third dose is given because with this variant Ómicron, which makes a small mutation compared to the previous ones, the efficacy that we used to achieve with two doses, today we achieve with three.”

From White Bay, the director of Health Region I, Maximiliano Nuñez Fariña, confirmed that “there are increases in cases at the provincial and national levels, here you see an increase, lThe pandemic is not over and it is important to continue maintaining the same ways of taking care of yourself and there is the possibility of getting vaccinated. There is sufficient stock and we are going to insist on the campaign.”


Also in Cordoba increases in cases were recorded in recent days, although this slight increase “It does not impact hospitalized people or the occupation of intensive care beds,” explained medical sources.

“I think it is due to the weather, since there is more activity in closed places than open ones,” Miguel Díaz, head of advisers to the provincial Ministry of Health and director of the Rawson Hospital, a reference center for patients with Covid-19, told the press.

Díaz pointed out that the increase in cases is due to the “great mobilization of people, schooling probably means that there is a greater viral circulation, but there is a large part of the population vaccinated and that acts in favor.”

Santa Fe

In Santa Fe although according to the last weekly report cases decreased by 24.7%Since they went from 623 accumulated between April 24 and 30 to 469 last Sunday, the Minister of Health, Sonia Martorano, reported an increase in the positivity rate, which “went from 3 to 14 percent”.

Martorano warned about “Cases of respiratory diseases, which are beginning to appear” due to the time of year and asked those who present symptoms such as fever, body aches or respiratory problems not to come into contact with other people, with which it is advised not to go to work or school.

Health spokesmen added that the cases “are mild” and that “at the moment there are no increases in hospitalizations”, a circumstance attributed to the coverage of the anticovid vaccination plan that reaches around 90% of the population with two doses.

Between rivers

Between rivers reported an increase in new casesalthough it remains with less than 60 positives per day and far from the almost 3,000 daily positives registered in January and February.

“Although there is not a 40% increase in cases, consultations have increased and we are waiting to see how it impacts health services,” the undersecretary of Integrated Health Services Networks, Marcos Bachetti, said today, saying that it is “Very important” that the population receive at least one booster of the Covid-19 vaccine, since with a new outbreak or variant, immunity “may be affected.”

Health reiterates the importance of maintaining hygiene and care measures to reduce infections
Health reiterated the importance of maintaining hygiene and care measures to reduce infections.

Black river

In Río Negro, the Department of Epidemiology rreported that “cases of contagion are increasing of Covid-19, are detected with swab but they are mild and they still can’t be defined as an outbreak.”

In this context, Influenza A and respiratory syncytial virus that affects children were detected, the sources pointed out and pointed out that the behavior of the regular vaccination plan that is deployed at this time of year is being analyzed.

Given this, they stressed that the recommendations remain the same as at the beginning of the pandemic, “cross ventilation in closed environments, use of a mask and alcohol gel in the hands.”


In Mendoza, the Ministry of Health reported in its latest reports that sustains the drop in cases And in this context, the government ordered by decree to make the use of the chinstrap optional from Tuesday in the province.

“Those over 50 years of age have the second reinforcement enabled, it is the group with the highest risk and the one that is vaccinated the most; it has 98% of the first dose applied, 92% the second and more than 70% with the reinforcement, which costs the most who complete the schemes are young adults between 20 and 40 years old,” said the director of the Provincial Immunization Program, Iris Aguilar.

Regarding the possibility of the increase in cases, he said that “it would be due to a seasonal issue, in autumn and winter”, for which he recommended complete the vaccination schedule.

Land of Fire

Tierra del Fuego was another of those registered a decrease in cases of coronavirus in the last week and that has maintained a low number of infections in recent months, according to sources from the Ministry of Health, which detected only five positives between May 1 and 7, three of them in Ushuaia and two in Río Grande.

Despite the decrease in cases, Savalanche reiterated the importance of maintaining hygiene and care measures to reduce contagion, which includes especially ventilating environments, wearing a mask in crowded places and regularly washing hands, disinfecting surfaces and everyday objects.

The Minister of Health, Judit Di Giglio, highlighted that they are advancing in “the application of the second booster dose to those over 50 years of age who have already completed 4 months of the first booster. Those people who have Sinopharm would be the fifth dose because the main scheme contemplated three doses”.

In Mendoza, the use of the chinstrap is optional photo daniel dabove
In Mendoza, the use of the chinstrap will be optional. /photo daniel dabove


In Formosa, the director of Epidemiology, Claudia Rodríguez, celebrated that “we had a very good epidemiological week, because we had very few cases of COVID-19 in the entire province,” given that only eight positives had been detected the previous Sunday and none during the week and remarked that “for four weeks we have not had deaths from this disease.”

“This is a product of marathon vaccination campaign carried out by the province”, he stressed and pointed out that “a new group from the capital is incorporated to be vaccinated with the fourth dose”.

saint Louis

In San Luis, according to the latest report from the province’s crisis committee, during the week of May 1 to 7, 9 positive cases were registered, with which the contagion curve continues to declinewithout hospitalized in intensive care, or deceased in recent days.

San Juan

San Juan Recorded a nearly doubling of coronavirus cases in the past weekwhich alerted the health authorities who asked to continue using the mask and the application of the booster doses of the Covid vaccine.

The head of Epidemiology, Mónica Jofré, explained to Télam that “in the last week the cases of Covid in the province doubled” since there were “41 positive cases, when in the previous week there were 21”.

“The increase in cases was expected,” he said and asked for “extreme care because the virus has not gone away” so “we must not stop using the mask, especially in closed places.”

Jofré maintained that “the percentage of sanjuaninos with third and fourth doses is still low” and asked “to approach the vaccination centers to complete the calendar.”


In Chubut, the Minister of Health, Fabián Puratich, assured that “we did not register increases in Covid casesthere are no hospitalizations and the truth is that we are doing very well in this regard, although we continue with the recommendations that we maintain care.

According to the last official part, only 9 cases had been reported in the entire province in recent days without the need for hospitalization.

Puratich urged the population to “get the booster doses that are available in all vaccination centers as well as schedule vaccines.”


In Neuquén, sources from the health portfolio confirmed to Télam that “there is no increase in cases” since the number of infections remained between 17 and 19 in the last two weeks.


In Salta, the head of the Epidemiological Surveillance program, Francisco García Campos, told Télam that, during the last two weeks, “There were 19 new cases in each of them and no increase was observed.”

“When I say new cases, I mean cases that occurred in the actual course of that week, that is, the onset of symptoms,” he said, commenting that “during these weeks, old cases corresponding to the first trimester were reported, since it is normal that there are backlogs”.

The official pointed out that “for now we consider that we are at a level of very low circulation, with isolated cases” and “the occupation of ICU beds is also low, as well as deaths, fortunately.”


In Tucumán, the Minister of Health, Luis Medina Ruíz, pointed out that “at the national and local levels there is a slight increase in Covid19 positivity levels. We have 32 positive cases reported as of yesterday, so now is the right time to go to the nodes and get immunized again.”

“Given the change in climate typical of the autumn and winter season, priority is given to vaccinating the population that already has its first booster dose and is urged to receive the second one that allows complete immunity,” explained the doctor and recalled: ” We have already been announcing that usually when temperatures drop, we tend to have more interior life and spend more time in closed and less ventilated places, which favors the spread of respiratory diseases.

The minister recalled “that in the province the correct use of a mask and hand hygiene continue to be mandatory, especially in workplaces, on public transport and in places in general where it is shared with other people.”


Corrientes registered three new cases of coronavirus and in the last five days, the number of infections did not exceed ten per day, according to the local Ministry of Health.

The part on the epidemiological situation, detailed that there are 51 people who transit the disease in the province and there are nine hospitalized in the “Escuela Hogar” Campaign hospital.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz too reported a slight increase in coronavirus cases in recent dayswith a total of 48 positives, with the majority in the provincial capital, where the Minister of Health, Claudio García, remarked that “in Río Gallegos there never ceased to be community circulation” and insisted on the need to maintain care to prevent contagion. and that vaccinations continue.


In Jujuy, the Subdirectorate of Epidemiology reported that in the last week 6 new cases were registered of coronavirus in the province, while 18 mild patients were discharged.

The new confirmed cases were reported in Monterrico, San Salvador de Jujuy, Susques, Santa Clara and El Aguilar, said health sources and recalled that at the slightest symptom citizens should stay home and call 0800-888-4767 24 hours a day. hours or at 388 -4310494 (COE) from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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