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The value of national party venues reaches $900 million

Alma E. Munoz

Newspaper La Jornada
Monday, May 2, 2022, p. 5

Political parties have a millionaire real estate assets. The value of the national headquarters of seven institutes registered with the National Electoral Institute is close to 900 million pesos, according to the cadastral value reported in the National Transparency Platform (PNT), and among which that of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) is the one with the highest value, with 320 million 400 thousand pesos.

According to cadastral appraisals, which serve to define the payment of a property tax and are less than its commercial value, the central building of the National Action Party (PAN) –considering land and building– is 179 million 348 thousand pesos; that of the Labor Party (PT), 176 million 400 thousand pesos, and that of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), 160 million pesos. In the latter case, with deed in process.

Morena, the main political force and therefore with more public resources, is the only partisan institute that reports the lease of five properties, including its national headquarters in the Roma neighborhood, Mexico City, but does not report what it pays for rent, although this newspaper requested it.


On the transparency platform, the PAN appears as the institute with the most properties nationwide: 110 buildings and 89 plots of land, with very different values ​​based on the last cadastral appraisal of 2021.

There are unbelievable prices on the list, from 80 pesos (a piece of land belonging to the Yucatan State Steering Committee) to 147 million 962 thousand 675.32 pesos (value of the building of its national headquarters at Avenida Coyoacán 1546, in the Del Valle neighborhood, Mexico City) .

Meanwhile, the property of the National Executive Committee of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) in Lomas Altas, Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office, has a cadastral value of 25 million 15 thousand 271.97 pesos.

Meanwhile, that of the State Executive Committee of Mexico City, in the Anzures neighborhood, is 13 million 623 thousand 241.28 pesos.

According to the data provided to this newspaper, the PT owns 22 properties, whose last appraisal totals 225.6 million pesos. But it also rents 11 properties for 235 thousand 163.31 pesos per month and has five properties on loan (in Baja California, Mexico City, the state of Mexico, Nuevo León and Quintana Roo). The warehouse of his printing press is valued at 12 million 205 thousand 200 pesos.

In response to this newspaper’s request for transparency, the PRI pointed out that it is up to each state steering committee to report on its assets, as well as income and expenses, for which it only reported that, this year, it pays 139 thousand 85.75 pesos monthly rent. for two buildings for its National Executive Committee.

In the National Transparency Platform it reports three own buildings; In addition to its national headquarters –at Insurgentes Norte 59–, two other buildings in the Tabacalera neighborhood. These last two with cadastral value of 61 million 768 thousand 586.85 pesos.

In turn, the PRD reported on seven properties, of which the acquisition of the Benjamín Franklin building in the Escandón neighborhood stands out, in addition to the fact that it maintains its old headquarters, in Monterrey 50, Roma neighborhood, whose building –it reported– was donated. It is valued at 25 million 494 thousand pesos.

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