EE.UU. envía condolencias por incendio en Base Supertanquera de Matanzas

The US sends condolences for the fire at the Matanzas Supertanker Base

MIAMI, United States.- The United States government, through its Embassy in Havana, sent its condolences to all the people affected by the fire in the oil tank area in the province of Matanzas, which since the night of This Friday has the country in suspense.

“The United States sends our deep condolences to all the individuals and families affected by the explosions and fire in the oil tank area in Matanzas, #Cuba,” reads the post on the embassy’s Facebook page.


The fire started in the night hours of this August 5 after lightning will hit the 52 crude oil storage tank at the Base of the Supertanker Base of that province. Since then the sinister consumes the place and the authorities work to extinguish the fire.

Authorities said Saturday morning that at least 17 firefighters are missing. Brigades of the Red Cross and Rescue and Salvage continue to arrive at the scene of the incident from the other provinces and from the capital.

The Cuban government also asked for help and advice this Saturday from friendly countries with experience in the oil issue to help put out the fire, which so far is out of control.

Around 10:00 a.m. this Saturday, the Cuban Minister of Public Health José Ángel Portal Miranda reported that the number of injured had increased to 67: three in critical condition, three very serious, 12 serious, 20 less serious and 29 minor injuries.

The official also assured that bags of serums and all the creams for the care of burns are available.
Meanwhile, the Cuban Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero, assured that in the province of Matanzas “hospital care centers are enabled to provide medical services to wounded and injured from the explosions that occurred in the Industrial Zone. The health system is fully activated.”

A report from the official Cuban News Agency (ACN) explained that the national crude tank hit by the electrical discharge and now by the fire was at 50% of its filling capacity, which is 50,000 cubic meters.

For his part, Rigel Rodríguez Cubells, director of the Matanzas Territorial Fuel Marketing Division, explained that the Supertanker Base —which has eight tanks— has a lightning rod system, but apparently the discharge was higher than what could have been protect this.

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