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The US recommends its citizens to leave Haiti due to the acute crisis

The US recommends its citizens to leave Haiti due to the crisis

The United States Government urged its citizens to be in Haiti to seriously consider returning to your country.

The call comes as Haiti is affected by a fuel shortage exacerbated by gangs and a deteriorating security climate.

It also occurs more than three weeks after the kidnapping of 17 American missionaries, including 16 Americans.

The criminal gang in Haiti is demanding a million dollars a head for his release.

Due to fuel shortages, the major media outlets are forced to close and banks to downsize.

Spokesperson for PRM deputies calls on Dominicans to avoid traveling to Haiti

While in the country there are also calls for Dominicans to avoid traveling to Haiti.

Such is the case of the spokesman for the deputies of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Julito Fulcar, who called on the authorities to prevent Dominicans from traveling to Haiti.

Fulcar indicated that the call is for Dominicans not to run the risk of being victims of kidnappings and violence in the neighboring country.

In that sense, he welcomed the immigration measures taken by the Government in the face of the crisis and instability that Haiti is experiencing.

Julito Fulcar, reiterated the call to the international community to come to the aid of Haiti after stating that the Dominican Republic it cannot bear the Haitian crisis alone.

Likewise, the industrial sector of the Dominican Republic assured that it was willing to sacrifice trade, if necessary, to preserve national security.

They ensure that they remain alert to any situation on the border with Haiti.

For its part, the Government agreed with the political leadership to set up a follow-up table to deal with the issue of the Haitian situation.

This table will be made up of representatives of the different parties.

This table will be made up of four members from the majority parties and another four from minority political organizations, as well as a member of the Government.

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