The US expels hundreds of Venezuelans to Mexico days after the expiration of Title 42

Title 42 is a sanitary measure implemented in the context of the covid-19 pandemic that empowered border authorities to expel immigrants in an extraordinary way, so its repeal due to the end of the sanitary emergency will change the border dynamics of the United States

The United States government expels hundreds of Venezuelan migrants daily from the Brownsville, Texas border, sending them to Mexico thanks to the application of Title 42, a public health order that authorized border officials to immediately deport illegal immigrants. under the argument that they could spread covid-19 in the country.

The sanitary measure was applied from 2020 to the present, but this May 11 will be repealed due to the current sanitary context, in which covid-19 is not emerging as a problem of great magnitude. However, days before the expiration of Title 42, the border authorities deport migrants en masse.

Among the large flows of deportees is the Venezuelan population. The journalist Jorge Agobian, reporter for Voice of America (VOA) filmed a group of Venezuelans being expelled to Mexico this Friday, May 5.

The authorities of the Office of Customs and Border Protection (CBP, for its acronym in English) admitted that hundreds of Venezuelans are expelled every day and that of the 6,000 migrants who were in custody at that time, some 4,000 were Venezuelans.

The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS, for its acronym) has already warned that, even despite the repeal of Title 42, immigrants can continue to be expelled to Mexico, although now the process will be different.

“Under Title 8, they will be placed in accelerated deportation proceedings with consequences such as the prohibition of re-entry into United States territory,” Agobian explained after listening to a DHS official.

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The authorities consider that the growth in the migratory flow from Venezuela is due to “erroneous information and deception” by traffickers about immigration laws in the United States, as they tend to believe that they will be able to enter without problems.

The migratory context will change in the coming weeks due to the repeal of Title 42, since the United States is expected to strengthen its borders to timely detect those who enter the territory, since now the expulsion cannot be expedited.

In this sense, the United States has increased the militarization of the border with Mexico in recent days, sending more soldiers to the border crossings. Specifically, 1,500 soldiers will be sent to begin their deployment on May 10, one day before the lifting of Title 42.

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For his part, Joe Biden intends to implement a plan to manage the border situation from now on, given a possible increase in the migratory flow.

Planning included increasing resources at the southern border, increasing processing efficiencies, imposing consequences on those who enter the country illegally, bolstering nonprofit facilities, going after human smugglers, and collaborating with partners. international.

According to the document, the increased resources to the southern border include the hiring of nearly 1,000 Border Patrol processing coordinators and the addition of 2,500 contractors and government agency personnel, allowing federal agents to focus on enforcement tasks. of the law in the field.

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