The submarine cable that will “improve” the Internet in Cuba is being tested

Mexico City, Mexico.- The second wire Cuba’s submarine is currently being tested and is expected to be commissioned soon. The cable connects the country to Martinique and has been deployed by the French company Orange in coordination with the Cuban state telecommunications service provider ETECSA, the specialized media published. Developing Telecoms.

Although the trial process began in April, the news of the agreement was announced as early as December. Shortly after, Tania Velázquez, president of the Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA), explained that “the connection system will allow us to diversify and expand our country’s Internet access capabilities.”

The aforementioned medium adds that as a consequence of the embargo and the deteriorated relations between both nations, Cuba cannot have direct submarine cables to the United States, which would be the best option geographically.

The Arimao cable has as its antecedent the ALBA-1which goes to Venezuela and was deployed in 2011.

The 2,500-kilometre Arimao will connect to a cable landing station in Cienfuegos when it is launched later this year.

The continuous criticism of the Internet service in Cuba suggests that Arimao is urgently needed.”Although the demand for the Internet is growing, especially since private Wi-Fi in homes and businesses was legalized in 2019, the lack capacity has meant regular cuts and low speeds for Cuban Internet users,” explains the specialized site.

The Island’s regime exercises control over all internet services, websites and virtual private servers, community networks and private networks, as well as telecommunications contracts. Add to that that they block information sites that they cannot control. Meanwhile, ordinary Cubans continue to pay for an expensive, unstable and insecure service without being able to choose other options.

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