Estados Unidos repatria 42 expresidiarios dominicanos

The United States repatriates 42 former Dominican prisoners

LAS AMERICAS AIRPORT. -The United States government repatriated 42 former Dominican prisoners to the country.

The N625SW registration aircraft of the airline SWIFT AIR LLC, which transported the repatriated group to the country, made a technical stopover in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to leave a number of nationals also repatriated to their country.

This is not the first time that an aircraft with Dominican deportees from the United States, before landing in the Dominican Republic, makes a stopover in Haiti.

On several occasions the plane that regularly comes with the Creoles makes a stopover in that neighboring country.

According to the details provided, of the 42 repatriated Dominicans, 41 are men and one woman.

They came escorted by Marshall agents and agents from the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service, who handed them over to the Immigration authorities on duty at the airport.

According to the data, the returned nationals served sentences for drug distribution, armed robbery, money laundering and violation of immigration laws.

With this figure, the number of Dominicans returned to the country so far this year 2022 rises to 482.

The group was transferred to the Deportation Retention Center of the General Directorate of Migration, located in Haina, San Cristóbal, for purification and subsequent release, if they do not have pending issues with the Dominican justice system.

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