Number of workers in unemployment insurance decreased 7.6% in April

The amount of beneficiaries of unemployment insurance fell 7.6% in April and totaled 43,947 people, which is equivalent to 3,610 people less than in March, according to data released this Wednesday by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS). Unemployment insurance numbers have been constantly oscillating between 46,000 and 48,000 workers for a semester, but now it is reduced one more step, reaching 44,000 workers, the ministry explained.

The reduction has occurred in the two types of unemployment insurance. Workers in total unemployment insurance went from 37,266 in March to 34,766 in April, that is, 2,500 less; while workers in partial unemployment insurance fell from 10,291 to 9,181, that is, 1,110 less.

On the other hand, the total number of workers in unemployment insurance is less than the average for the five-year period 2015-2019 (44,251). If only those who are in total unemployment insurance are taken, since partial unemployment insurance did not exist in that period and, in addition, they are workers who are active, it is necessary to go back to before 2014 to find such a low figure .

As for the modalities, it should be noted that the proportions of recent months are maintained. Almost 8 out of 10 workers (79.1%) are in total unemployment insurance (34,766) and the remaining 20.9% remain in partial unemployment insurance (9,181).

what happened in the month

The number of workers who left unemployment insurance between March and April 2022 was 12,943a much higher figure than those who came out of unemployment insurance in March (9,171), that is, 3,772 more workers.

Of these, 6,289 workers left unemployment insurance due to reincorporation (48.6%) and 6,654 due to dismissal (51.4%). A fairly similar distribution to that recorded in the previous month.

In turn, during April 2022, 9,333 workers entered unemployment insurance, 958 fewer workers than those who entered the previous month (10,291).

Of these, 5,539 were due to dismissal (59.3%) and 3,794 due to reduction or suspension (40.7%). With respect to the month of March, an increase in the proportion of income to unemployment insurance was registered again due to dismissal.

“The increase in the proportion of dismissals in the movements of the last month is consistent with the fact that the numbers of workers in unemployment insurance have been constantly reducing as a result of increased labor activity. There are no longer so many, then, the cases of workers who go to unemployment insurance temporarily and then the proportion of those who leave through dismissal increases,” said the MTSS.

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