"The trip was almost lost", Colombian tourists who were detained in Mexico

“The trip was almost lost”, Colombian tourists who were detained in Mexico

“They almost lost the trip”: A group of tourists from Tolima were detained in Mexico.

“The vacations were almost damaged,” said the 112 tourists who, like others, had a bitter time when they were detained by Migration Mexico.

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A group of 112 Colombian tourists lived the most bitter 10 hours of their lives after being detained by Migration Mexico.

At that moment, anguish seized them, as they saw their plans vanish after having saved for a whole year for their vacations.

  • “The treatment that Colombians have been given is demeaning, where they accuse us of being coyotes, human trafficking networks,” said Mario Tovar, manager of COINTRASUR.

Given the situation, they decided to seek support from the Colombian consulate in Mexico, but it did not help much.

“What she simply told me is that she could not help me, she asked me the same questions that migration asked and what she was doing there,” said Cesar Gonzáles, manager of Toures VIP.

This situation not only affects Colombians, tourism entrepreneurs in Mexico also claim to be affected.

  • “Fortunately there are agencies like Toures VIP that are promoting us, that are selling the hotel, but when they arrive they return them; So people are going to stop coming to me if I would like to make a call to the Mexican authorities because they are affecting us,” explained Alfonso Sánchez, a Mexican hotelier.

Thanks to the support of the tourism company that asks Colombians not to veto the destination, the trip was saved.

This type of situation is becoming more common, for this reason many Colombians think when choosing Mexico as their vacation destination.

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