Fiscalía de Puerto Padre, Las Tunas, Cuba

Puerto Padre: robbery with violence in view of the Prosecutor’s Office

LAS TUNAS, Cuba. — Last Friday, in the middle of the street and close to noon —circumstances that already speak of the situation of impunity in which we live—, a 69-year-old woman was the victim of a crime classified in the Penal Code as robbery with violence and intimidation in people.

The event occurred when two individuals —to this day unidentified— covered with masks, cornered the lady, who was left in a state of numbness and stripped her of a gold chain and two rings of the same metal, jewelry valued at about 700 dollars. .

The crime occurred in front of the house adjacent to the backyard of the Municipal Prosecutor’s Office, in view of the windows of the second floor of that institution, on Carlos Manuel de Céspedes street, between Máximo Gómez avenue and Simón Bolívar street , in the center of the city of Puerto Padre.

This is not the only crime of robbery with violence occurred in Puerto Padre in similar circumstances, taking into account that other women have been robbed in the course of this year in a similar way. A chain was taken from one of them when she returned from a religious activity, while from another, when leaving Banco Popular de Ahorro (BPA), located on Carlos Manuel de Céspedes street, the wallet with the money she had had just extracted from the BPA.

It is worth asking: Is the city of Puerto Padre insecure today like so many other cities in Cuba? The answer is yes, there is citizen insecurity due to multiple factors: economic, political, social, moral, civic, family and psycho-genetic, among others, but, above all, due to deficient police work regarding the prevention and confrontation of the crimes, people prone to and to mitigate —because it is not possible to eradicate only with operational work— the causes and conditions that favor criminal acts against property, which also have a marked impact against the life and tranquility of people.

In order to perpetuate themselves in power, the leaders of the Castro-communist regime have prioritized forces, means, techniques, and the training of special units —as we saw during the repression of the protests on the days July 11 and 12, 2021— “State security” (understood: their own security), neglecting public security tasks, translating such “neglect” into repeated incidents of committing crimes that, because they remain unresolved, as a result, create in susceptible people a sensation of impunity that leads them to commit crimes repeatedly, because it is known: there is no prevention task like the rapid and precise clarification of the crime produced. Nothing stops the inborn criminal—nothing stops the born criminal—like seeing his fellow criminals behind bars.

But impunity is not only in the cities, but also in rural areas, where cattle thefts are continuous, and not only cattle, but also horses, sheep, goats, birds and all sorts of crops, which do not escape to the predation of thieves, making unsustainable —due to the ordeal of their vigilance— any type of agricultural production.

And, in this state of citizen unrest, it is common for you to see the operational officers of the political police, aided by networks of informers, maintain extreme surveillance, day and night, over people they consider “counterrevolutionary”, human rights activists. and independent journalists. However, you will not see in Cuba, as in any place in the civilized world, police officers on the beat to prevent crimes; You will see policemen, yes, to ensure State security and not citizen security, but be careful! If already in Puerto Padre they assaulted a woman in full view of the Prosecutor’s Office, at that double step of thieves, in La Havana may assault in view of the Supreme Court and the Council of State. And so, like having a glass of water, masked individuals will grab an old woman by the neck to steal her jewelry, just as by revolutionary laws they stole her estates. Then, socialism and the new man will continue on their way and will pass from totalitarianism and robolution to vandal anarchy. If not already passed!

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