The tremendous dilemma of Cholo with Herrera

The tremendous dilemma of Cholo with Herrera

The decisive stretch of the season arrives for the Atletico Madrid. A section that if nothing changes will begin with an empty infirmary and a great dilemma on the patient’s table. cholos in the next games what to do with Hector Herrera?

The Mexican has been key in the resurgence of the Atletico Madrid. From the party of I raised He has been a starter in all the matches and was only substituted in the last minutes of the game against Vallecano Ray. It has given the team security behind and has allowed faster ball transitions.

For all this, the Fox should be a starter in the next games, however on March 2 he announced his signing for the next season by the houston dynamo of the MLS, taking advantage of the fact that the contract was ending. So he will not follow the next campaign in the mattress set, something that may arouse certain suspicions…

Added to this is the fact that in recent days other key players have returned in midfield and that they will continue at the club next season, as is the case with Koke, Kondogobia and Lemar. To this must be added the Wass who can play in that position or alongside Vrsaljko can cause Mark Llorente occupy a position in the medullary. Without forgetting that Paul’s His performance has improved a lot in recent games.

So now it’s time to see what he does Diego Pablo Simeon with a player who will not follow the next campaign. A situation that has provoked great debates in other teams such as the Barcelona with Demebele or in the Real Madrid with bale. Although the attitude of both is not comparable, much less to that of the Mexican.

Simeon’s opinion

In fact, the cholos always in a press conference he has praised Hector for his game and for his professionalism. When asked what he thought about the fact that he had announced his signing for the mls noted that “blacksmith He had been training in a very good way and the coach, which is me, did not give him the minutes he deserved or asked for, because other players were playing. These are the choices I have to make as a coach. The same thing we experienced at the start of the season, with the change of system, he began to have continuity, he did it like now, with energy, balance, personality, giving fluidity to the team. I have no doubt that he will continue in the same way, it does not alter that decision to change his career, it gives him more peace of mind to end up as the gentleman that he is ”.

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