The tragedy of Querétaro charges the first five dismissals

The tragedy of Querétaro charges the first five dismissals

The secretary of the state government, Lupita Murguía, has announced the dismissal of five officials after the bloody pitched battle between the fans of the Gallos Blancos de Querétaro and the Atlas de Guadalajara

Terrible image that gave Mexican soccer in the eyes of the world


The tragic events that took place at the Corregidora Stadium in Querétaro (Mexico) during the Mexican league match between the white roosters Queretaro and the Atlas of Guadalajara the first five victims have been claimed. And it is that the government of the state of Querétaro reported that five officials responsible for the security of the event have been suspended, which led to a bloody battle between fans of both teams.

Guadalupe Murgía, secretary of the state government, reported on her social networks that after a meeting with Governor Mauricio Kuri, it was decided to discharge Leonardo Flores Mata (director of Police Operation), Isaac Pérez Infante (in charge of the Field Unit ), Agustín Martínez Ortiz (police), Carlos Mendoza Martínez (Events coordinator and party commissioner) and Carlos Alberto Toscano Mendoza (responsible for the Risk Management Area of ​​the State Civil Protection Coordination).

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