The top leadership of the government met in Anchorena because it is necessary to “press the accelerator”.


In addition to being a meeting of the government leadership, the participants are the leaders of the main nationalist lists that supported Herrerismo and Lacalle’s candidacy. Álvaro Delgado (List 404), Luis Alberto Heber (List 71) and Javier García (Space 40).

Lacalle pointed out that the meeting discussed the need to “press the accelerator.”

He stressed that three key issues were on the table for the government: The realization of investments that translate into job creation; priority changes in the next Rendering of Accounts; and pending reforms in education and social security.

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For his part, Delgado told the press that 2022 is a very important year for the departure of the government. “This is a pivotal year, because the pandemic is over, but this incredible war came in Ukraine that conditions the prices of grain, oil, gas and agrochemical inputs.”

He explained that they received studies, quantitative and qualitative inputs on government issues and people’s perception, among which are education, citizen security and social security.

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