The thousand faces of Alex Saab: from revolutionary hero to DEA informer

The thousand faces of Alex Saab: from revolutionary hero to DEA informer


Maduro’s former figurehead went from being a small merchant in his native Barranquilla to a key piece of the Chavista puzzle

A poster calls for Saab’s freedom in Caracas.APAP

In the Venezuela of hyperbole, everything is possible, even that the last “revolutionary hero”, a title that Nicolás Maduro granted to his close collaborator, the Colombian tycoon alex saabalso be a DEA informant.

Hugo Chavez He expelled the United States Drug Enforcement Agency from Venezuela in 2005 because it generated “instability” in his government. Seventeen years later, the situation has not improved for the revolution, as is clear from the secret relations between the US authorities and Saab, main international financial operator of the revolution and alleged figurehead of Nicholas Maduro (According to the investigations of the Chavista Prosecutor’s Office itself).

This has been revealed in the Miami Court that continues the process against the businessman, the man with a thousand faces who, thanks to his close relationship with the former senator Piedad Cordoba He went from being a small merchant in his native Barranquilla to a key piece of the Chavista puzzle. Without l, it is impossible to understand the presidency of Maduro and part of the geopolitical board of Latin America.

The news fell like a heavy bomb on Chavismo while Saab’s entourage in Caracas tried to heal the wound. “The US lies brazenly, as with Russia and Iraq. Alex Saab will never harm Venezuela, he has not done it and will not do it,” defended his current wife, the Italian model Camilla Fabri, who traveled to Caracas from Moscow after the extradition of her husband to Miami last October. Her stay in Venezuela is interpreted as a form of pressure from the revolution so that Saab would not testify in her trial, which will begin in October.

“We will free lex and we will do it in loyalty”, added the young woman, who has participated in the propaganda campaign that the government mounted in support of the false diplomat, in which there was no lack of concerts, protests, murals, t-shirts and special television programs, all of which is now in question. The last one is “lex Saab we are all”.

The strategy was extended to social networks and Africa, in a siege against the Cape Verde authorities, in which political and political wills were bought. influencers of different passes. US authorities even detected a military plan to free Saab from prison.

Maduro also took advantage of the extradition of his friend, caught by the US during a stopover in Cape Verde to refuel on the way to Russia and Iran, to suspend Chavismo’s participation in the negotiations in Mexico. The constant call of the international community for its return to dialogue has not received a positive response.

Saab’s lawyers have assured in the US that the Maduro government knew that his client cooperated between 2018 and 2019 with the authorities of the “Northern Empire”, supposedly to confirm that he had not done anything wrong in his multiple deals with the revolution, that They range from the construction of protected housing to the smuggling of gold, passing through the sale of oil and for the multimillion-dollar corruption that accompanied the exchange control system imposed by Chvez.

“Saab continues to be a loyal citizen and a diplomat of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” underlined the statement from his lawyers, although there are doubts about who really defends Saab, because those present in the Florida criminal courtroom assured that Camilla and Saab’s children are being held in Caracas. The former are believed to work for the Bolivarian government. Although it seems very cinematic, this is all real and not a trailer for a new Netflix series.

One of the points that has surprised the country the most is the 10 million dollars delivered by Saab to the authorities, illegal profits from their contracts. Of course a small part, which he also used to buy political will in the Venezuelan Parliament, creating their own group of so-called “scorpions”traitors to their opposition parties and collaborators today with the government.

“They are trying to plant a matrix where they want to take Alex Saab as a supposed collaborator. They have tried to extract a false statement against President Nicolás Maduro,” stammers the lawyer. Indhrian Parada on Chavista television, awaiting the official position of the Miraflores Palace.

Andrew Izarrapowerful ex-minister of Chvez today a refugee in Europe, ironized on his social networks, posting an image of Chavista leaders carrying portraits of Alex Saab. “All madurismo is a farce! Everything!”I sentenced

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