The terrorists of the assassination were recruited in the guarimbas

The president of the National Assembly (AN), Jorge Rodríguez, as a witness of the frustrated assassination against President Nicolás Maduro in 2018, assured this Thursday that the terrorists who participated in the events were recruited in the guarimbas of 2014 and 2017.

“Those who confessed the facts not only said that Julio Borges was the intellectual author, but also sang that they were all recruited in the guarimbas of 2014 and 2017 and taken to Colombia to be trained,” he said during an ordinary session of the AN.

One of those captured, Juan Carlos Monasterios, alias Pons Monasterio, confessed that in Colombia they were so well trained that they were able to prepare the explosives for the drones right there, Rodríguez said.

In the same way, he assured that today, when the Venezuelan authorities did justice by condemning 17 involved in the terrorist act, the Venezuelan justice system must be defended.

The president of the AN also denounced that the international media seek to turn the murderers into heroes, “there are still media today that say it was an alleged attack against Maduro,” he said.

“The media scoundrel is already coming out to make heroes of the murderers and distort the facts. Even today there are media outlets that point to the alleged attack, such as the BBC, AFP, EFE, El País, ABC and all that media garbage,” he said.

We must defend the decision of the TSJ

Rodríguez indicated that “from this moment, we deputies come out in defense not only of the judicial system, but also of the court for the sentence of those responsible”, because the “media scoundrel has already begun to distort the facts and turn some into heroes. assassins».

He stressed that, if successful, the attack would have killed hundreds of people who were 50 meters away, since it was a very powerful explosive that was invented in the US and was used in Vietnam.

“These two drones acquired and armed in Colombia each had a kilogram of C4, by confession of the authors and by the investigations it was learned that the C4 was surrounded by pellets and steel bullets to have more expansion” said Rodríguez.

Agreement in rejection

During the ordinary session, the Draft Agreement was approved in repudiation of the frustrated assassination attempt perpetrated on August 4, 2018 against the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, and high-ranking officials of the Venezuelan State.

Deputy José Vielma Mora in his speech explained that “this assassination attempt against President Nicolás Maduro was planned by the Venezuelan right with the support of Colombia.”

“Exactly four years ago, the assassination of the highest authority in Venezuela was planned, organized from abroad, it was a quiet day, a Saturday, it was systematic planning, economic financing and a group of already trained paramilitaries that came from the guarimbas” , he pointed out.

In turn, the deputy for the opposition caucus, Alfonso Campos, expressed his rejection of the actions that threaten the stability of the country and are outside the constitution.

“We will never accept planning or acts that are outside the constitution and threaten the stability of the country, we call on these sectors that go against the principles of life, I believe in Venezuelan justice and we ask that justice go where has to arrive, we repudiate any act that goes against the authorities that constitutionally have come to power and if we aspire to a change, it must be by democratic means; no to violence, no to the attack, we repudiate any act that threatens the life and political stability of the country », he emphasized.

Julio Borges and Jaime Beyly

Jorge Rodríguez assured this Thursday that while the extreme right-wing leader, Julio Borges, was meeting with President Nicolás Maduro due to the alleged need to generate dialogue, at the same time he was planning the assassination.

«According to the confession of the terrorists, the assassination should have occurred in December 2017, surely using the commemorative acts of the anniversary of the Liberator. In those same days, President Maduro was holding secret meetings with actors from the Venezuelan right-wing opposition, in order to seek to redirect these sectors into politics,” he said from the AN.

In this sense, he demanded that Colombia and the United States hand over former deputy Julio Borges, and Osman Delgado Tabosky, designated by the Venezuelan Public Ministry as intellectual authors and heads of the two groups that carried out the assassination attempt against President Maduro.

“Now I wonder if it is a fact that since December 2017 the date to assassinate President Maduro was known, with what kind of self-confidence this criminal sat in front of the delegation of the Bolivarian Revolutionagainst Delcy Rodríguez, against Roy Chaderton, against Jorge Rodríguez, to negotiations and a peace dialogue in the Dominican Republic when he was planning the assassination of President Maduro,” he said.

He also made reference to the Peruvian presenter, Jaime Beyly and the Venezuelan journalist Carla Angolawho have repeatedly called for the assassination of Maduro.

«Beyly is a clown, lackey of terrorism and violence against this country and of this Constitution«. She denounced that days ago the journalist Carla Angola, who lives in Miami, called for the assassination of President Nicolás Maduro.

“The only mental disorders that exempt from a crime are psychosis. Having a brother in prison for a drug trafficker, who was captured with 20 kilos of cocaine, does not exempt you, did you know that? That lady does not even visit her brother because he has been sentenced in Venezuela for many years, “she reported.

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