The teachers’ union sympathized with Robert Silva and rejected Graciela Bianchi’s statements

The Trade Union of Education Training Teachers (Sidfe) expressed solidarity with the director of Codicen, Rober Silva, after the facade of his house was graffitied with messages alluding to the conflict that the educational sector is going throughin the framework of which protests and occupations of parts of students and teachers have been carried out for a increased budget for education in Accountabilitywhich is in a vote in the Chamber of Deputies, and in rejection of the educational reform promoted by the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP).

“We repudiate the anonymous attack that Codicen president Robert Silva received at his home, as well as the attempts to attribute this action to the popular movement”indicates a statement released by the union, in which statements by Senator Graciela Bianchi are also rejected.

“We also reject the attack that Senator Graciela Bianchi made from a social network to the student movement comrade Maximiliano Santos and our comrade Andrés Bentancor. This action carried out from power worries us, due to the social and political repercussions that it can have by exacerbating moods and deepening stigmatization”, the teachers maintained.

The union called on political actors to “be measured in their assessments, to be capable of living up to their responsibilities and to help weave consensus solutions.”


Support and complaint

Several political actors, from the ruling party and the opposition, including the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, rejected what happened in Silva’s house and showed their support..

In dialogue with The Observer, the president of Codicen said that the graffiti are on the rear facade of his house and that they were carried out by four people during the early hours of the morning. A neighbor alerted him to the situation and also recorded the moment of the graffiti. That video will be presented by Silva before the Justice when he makes the criminal complaint, according to what he said.

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