The Spanish press asks AMLO to protect journalists in Mexico

The Spanish press asks AMLO to protect journalists in Mexico

To demand justice for the five murders of journalists that have occurred so far in 2022, reporters who attended President López Obrador’s conference this Thursday protested in front of him during his visit to Tijuana, Baja California.

“The journalists of Baja California want to inform you that our union is very hurt, as in all of Mexico, we work under the shadow of being attacked and killed for doing our work and that the crimes committed against us are not clarified Here, from Tijuana , where we buried two of our colleagues, Margarito Martínez and Lourdes Maldonado, in less than a week, we will not stop demanding justice because the truth is not killed by killing journalists,” said Sonia de Anda, one of the journalists taking the floor.

Next, the five journalists murdered this year were mentioned:

“José Luis Gamboa, present. Margarito Martínez Esquivel, present. Lourdes Maldonado, present. Roberto Toledo, present. Heber López, present”, was the response of the reporters attending the press conference.

-With information from Lidia Arista

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