The Spain of Pedro Sánchez legalizes the coup

The Spain of Pedro Sánchez legalizes the coup

Only the supremely ignorant of history dare to deny that socialism naturally tends to become radicalized and, as a consequence, to encourage the worst of human beings and the cruelest dictatorial behaviors known to humanity up to now.

Pedro Sánchez, President of the Government of Spain, has joined this abject political drift and contrary to the democratic principles of a modern democratic constitutional state, leading what is, in fact, a silent coup d’état, changing fundamental laws and assaulting the Constitutional Court. This event is hard to believe, and therefore easy to deny, because it seems incomprehensible and impossible that it could happen in a country that is within the European Union, but the facts are unquestionable, they are what they are, and they do not change just because the main media hide it or because a large part of the citizenry is bought with subsidies or drugged by the benefits of a corrupt, unsustainable and fraudulent Welfare State.

About this coup d’état -perpetrated in a week where the citizens were distracted by a long holiday bridge, by the social festivity that the FIFA World Cup supposes and also with the closing of the year and the preparations for Christmas- a group has alerted of intellectuals, who have united their voices against the repeal of the crime of sedition: Mario Vargas Llosa, Fernando Savater, Carlos Herrera, Jesús Villegas, Iñaki Arteta, Joaquín Leguina, among others. Indeed, the Unión 78 platform has warned about the dramatic consequences of replacing the criminal offense for which the promoters of the Catalan independence referendum were sentenced. This modification, which favors leaders affiliated with the parties that maintain the current Government of Spain in power, will mean that the maximum sentences of 15 years in prison will go to five years. In this way, the Spanish Rule of Law will be left without weapons to protect itself from those who want to end the Law and the State in any of its regions.

Here we share the concern of those who sustain, judiciously, honorably and courageously, that it is a very serious mistake to equate a coup d’état, a declaration of independence and an assault on national institutions, with the crime of public disorder. A planned blow to constitutional democracy will never be the same as the arbitrary destruction of a drunk in the streets; except for Pedro Sánchez, who is capable of anything to stay in power for longer. All these facts have led Fernando Savater, a philosopher renowned for his thought free from ideological ties, to write this week on Twitter: “To oppose Pedro Sánchez, you don’t have to be right-wing, but sensible. A well-informed person on the left should also be against it.”

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