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The Social Policy Cabinet will build a new house for a young example of self-improvement

Boca Chica, March 4, 2022. Once again the coordinator of the Social Policy Cabinet, Tony Peña, extends the friendly hand of the Government of President Luis Abinader to the population in conditions of social vulnerability in the country. On this occasion, the beneficiary of the actions is the young Yefri Taylor Brito, 24 years old, one of the first graduates as a multimedia technician from the “Oportunidad 14-24” program.

Yefri, the oldest of six siblings and father of a five-year-old boy, who graduated from the program as one of the 10 outstanding young people who trained for a whole year in the “Oportunidad 14-24” technical training centers, expressed his dream of being able to offer a better quality of life to his family and become their breadwinner through the skills he learned in the program.

However, her condition of social vulnerability threatened this dream, so the Social Policy Office, thanks to the comprehensive and close monitoring given to the participants of the training program, managed to bring peace of mind to the lives of Yefri and her family. .

In this sense, the coordinator of the Cabinet, Tony Peña, delivered this Friday to Yefri and her family all the completely new furniture for their home, the donation contains a refrigerator, a stove, a television, living room furniture, a room set, among other trousseaus.

In addition, the coordinator of the Social Policy Cabinet, Tony Peña, promised the young man to manage the construction of a new house located in the municipality of Boca Chica, where he lives with his mother, his son and his five brothers.

“My dream is to be able to give my family a decent home. In addition, the Opportunity 14-24 program saved my life, when I joined it I did not have a good time, but thanks to the fact that they never gave up on me, I did not give up either and today I have an opportunity for a better future”, he said Yefri excited.

On his side, Tony Peña, emphasized that with this program the mission of the government of the president, Luis Abinader, and his, as a person who has always supported Dominican youth, is to offer this type of possibility to the youth population, which At present, it presents levels of unemployment and school desertion above the average statistics of Latin America, reaching 27%.

“Yefri’s case is really moving, so much so that President Abinader himself recognized the worth of this young man during the graduation of professional technicians from the Opportunity 14-24 program. This is the message that we want to leave to the participants of this initiative, the only one of its kind in Latin America, from the Government we are working for a better country and to achieve real and sustainable change over time. It is imperative that students in these courses commit to change, and know that we will support them,” said Tony.

Yefri Brito is one of the 371 young people who completed their one-year technical-professional training and recently graduated in areas such as; IT, multimedia, secretarial, beauty assistant, technical support, sales, hotel services, pharmaceuticals, among others.

Likewise, Peña recalled that currently 25 training centers of the “Opportunity 14-24” program are already operating, distributed in Santo Domingo, San Cristóbal, Duarte, Barahona and Pedernales, in which 1,600 students are trained.

It is expected that by 2022 around 70 centers will be enabled throughout the country to reach the final sum of 150 or 200 centers in the next 3 years.

“The Opportunity 14-24 program was born from visits to all the country’s provinces, where we gave scholarships to hundreds of young people crowded on street corners who did not work or study during class and work hours. That made us plan a plan for vulnerable youth in our government program,” added Tony Peña.

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