The SOAT 2022 rosette will be digital and scanned by cell phone

The SOAT 2022 rosette will be digital and scanned by cell phone

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The rosette of the Compulsory Traffic Accident Insurance (SOAT) 2022 will be digital and can be scanned by cell phone and prices increased in some cases by three Bolivians for private vehicles and in public service there are some variations.

The Insurance and Reinsurance company UNIvida enabled the sale of the SOAT for the 2022 management and implemented the digital rosette for timely attention in the health care services provided by the insurance.

The general manager of UNIvida, Mauricio Jiménez Dueñas, explained that this rosette can be scanned so that it can be carried on different mobile devices with timely attention in cases of accidents.

Insurance purchases were also enabled through different social networks and even via WhatsApp.

“We have the purchase of this insurance through the mobile application, we have our website, it can also be purchased through Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram,” said Jiménez.

He added that each of the people who purchase the insurance will be given their invoice with the receipt and the technical data of the vehicle.

For the commercialization of the insurance, more than 3,000 points of sale were enabled, 40 financial entities so that people can buy the insurance at the closest point and social networks to facilitate the purchase of SOAT 2022.

The chairman of the UNIvida board, Gonzalo Arauz, reported that a price leveling is being carried out. “We are doing a price leveling. Of 195 prices in tables, only two will differ between departments, the others are standardized at the national level, that is, it makes no difference to buy in La Paz or Santa Cruz ”, he clarified.

For a private car, for example, the insurance will cost 90 Bolivianos, three Bolivianos more than the 87 this year.

A truck will pay 140 Bolivianos, three Bolivianos more, and a wagon 90 Bolivianos, three Bolivianos more and motorcycles 200 Bolivianos, a lower price in two Bolivianos compared to this year.

For public service vehicles there are also some variations (see detail next to the photograph). The SOAT is an insurance against traffic accidents that every owner of a motorized vehicle, public and / or private, must acquire on a mandatory basis, in order to be able to travel on public roads in Bolivian territory.

It is conceived with a deep social content, because it guarantees medical care for those injured in traffic accidents and prevents the families of the fatal victims from being completely helpless.

The SOAT has the following coverages: compensation for medical expenses, death, permanent total disability.

The coverage of the SOAT corresponding to the 2021 management (May to August) with respect to the vehicle fleet of 2,109,131 motorized vehicles, reached 64% at the national level, where the department that registered the highest penetration rate was Potosí with 78%, followed by La Paz with 74%.

1,346,256 rosettes were sold, according to the Pension and Insurance Supervision Authority (APS). UNIvida reached agreements with unions and transport organizations.

Tables with some insurance prices

Individual The SOAT for a private truck with three occupants will be Bs 330 and for a truck with 18 occupants Bs 1,020. In both cases, the increase is Bs3 and a truck with 25 occupants will pay Bs 1,310, lower than the Bs 1,312 this year.

Public The public service minibuses will pay for the SOAT Bs 315 in all the departments, with the exception of Santa Cruz, where the price is Bs 360, higher than the Bs 440 this year. In the rest of the departments there is no increase.

Minibuses The minibuses of 8 occupants will pay Bs 125 throughout the country, lower than the Bs 126 this year. Those with 11 occupants must pay Bs 190 for the SOAT throughout the country, an increase of Bs 1. Minibuses with 15 occupants must pay Bs 245 uniformly in all departments. This year in La Paz the price was similar, in Cochabamba Bs 315 and in Santa Cruz Bs 413, in Tarija Bs 265, in Chuquisaca and Potosí Bs 189, in Oruro Bs 265 in Beni and Pando Bs 189.

Collectives The SOAT for this transport in La Paz and Cochabamba will be Bs 335 the same as this year and in the rest of the country it will be standardized at Bs 445 the same as this year, although in Santa Cruz it cost Bs 504.

Fleets Fleets with more than 39 occupants will pay Bs 3,700, similar to this year.

Motorcycles It is priced at Bs 155 throughout the country. This year it varied between Bs 120 and Bs 165, depending on the department.

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