The serial rapist dropped out of a military academy and his first victim was his cousin

The serial rapist dropped out of a military academy and his first victim was his cousin

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New data emerges about the case of the serial rapist and feminicide. It is now known that Richard Choque Flores dropped out of a military academy and his first victim was his cousin, a young man who aspired to enter a school for military sergeants.

This Wednesday morning, a team of Police investigators arrived at a house in the San Martín area, in El Alto, in the Viacha highway sector, to verify the presence of the remains of another Choque victim.

At 4:00 p.m., the Government Minister, Eduardo del Castillo, confirmed the discovery of the remains of Fidel Alcón Choque, assassinated by Choque 11 years ago, amid outrage and calls for justice from the residents of the area.

“We have just found a corpse that answers to Mr. Fidel Lecón (Alcón) Choque, who would be a cousin of Mr. Richard Choque, this person would have ended his life in the 2011 administration, the date on which Richard Choque would have received the sum of $us 5,000 to help him enter the military sergeants’ school,” the authority said.

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The remains were found wrapped in black jute. The first clue that helped the researchers find the remains was a gas characteristic of this type of burial.

Investigators used heavy equipment to find the remains of the first victim of the murderer, femicide and serial rapist. More actions of this type are not ruled out in that place that is owned by the family of the accused.

“In this area they trained every day. Richard Choque would have dropped out of the military school and, due to the testimony of another person, as a result of his envy, he decides to end the life of his cousin who would be buried, “said Del Castillo.

The victim’s mother filed a complaint in 2014, a year after Choque was prosecuted for the murder of a woman, but the Prosecutor’s Office rejected the process, explained the minister. The young man disappeared in 2011, when he was 18 years old.

“According to the investigations carried out, he allegedly gave him a poison to end his life and later cremated the victim, in this case it would be his relative,” the minister explained.

Choque Flores is being held preventively in the Chonchocoro maximum security prison.

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