The serial femicide dropped out of the Military School and murdered his cousin out of "envy", according to the Minister of Government

The serial femicide dropped out of the Military School and murdered his cousin out of “envy”, according to the Minister of Government

This Thursday, the special agents of the Police and representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office they found the lifeless body of the fourth victim of the serial femicide, Richard Choque, and new information about the crime emerged. This is Fidel Lecon Choque, who is Richard’s cousin and would have been victimized by “envy”, according to Eduardo Del Castillo, Minister of Government.

In addition, Del Castillo revealed that the feminicide had enrolled in the Military School, but abandoned it. He also disclosed that he charged his cousin a considerable sum of money to help him get into Sergeant School, which did not happen, and then murdered him.

“We have just found a corpse that answers to Mr. Fidel Lecon Choque, who would be a cousin of Mr. Richard Choque. This person would have ended his life in 2011, approximately, the date on which Richard Choque would have received the sum of five thousand US dollars to help him enter the School of Sergeants (…) Richard Choque was a person who would have deserted from the Military School and product of envy decides to end life from his cousin,” he explained.

The body was exhumed from a house in El Alto/Photo Ministry of Government.

The Government Minister said that the lifeless body was buried 90 centimeters deep wrapped in two black jute bags in the patio of a house in the San Martín area, in El Alto, which belonged to Richard’s family.

I would be the first victim (from serial femicide) dAccording to the time and chronology of the events, With this we are confirming that there are four fatal victims at the hands of Mr. Richard Choque,” ​​said Del Castillo.

Experts from the Institute of Forensic Investigations, members of the Felcc and representatives of the Public Ministry carried out the legal removal of the corpse belonging to Fidel Leon Shock. Preliminary investigations determined that Richard would have given his cousin a poison and after death proceeded to incinerate the bodythese hypotheses will be verified by the responsible entities with the clarification of the case.

Richard Shock’s Aunt filed a complaint with the Public Ministry for the disappearance of his son in 2014, however, it was rejected. At that time, Choque already had an enforceable sentence for femicide in 2013, however, she obtained home freedom in 2015, which made it possible for her to murder two other women.

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