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The SEP urges teachers to participate in the analysis of the new curriculum

Laura Poy Solano

Newspaper La Jornada
Saturday, October 29, 2022, p. 13

The Secretary of Public Education, Leticia Ramírez Amaya, called on the country’s teachers to participate in the first session of the School Technical Council of the school year.

This activity will be dedicated to disseminating the central approaches of the new study plans and programs, which, the agency assured, will be reviewed and analyzed throughout the 2022-2023 school year.

In a video message on the occasion of the second ordinary session of the School Technical Council, he pointed out that this should be a space for exchange and analysis, review and agreements, as well as participation, work and collective construction.

Collaboration Space Experiences

It seeks to recover their voices and experiences as teachers to build knowledge and proposals for teaching and learning. They have a collaborative workspace to discuss and analyze the best strategies for their workhe emphasized.

The new curriculum, he said, must be perceived as an expression of educational policy that contributes to social transformation. It is a space for pedagogical reflection that allows rethinking practices from different perspectives.

As part of the material that was sent to the teachers, a video with the conference was included. Challenges of teaching before the 2022 study plan, dictated by the emeritus researcher of the National Autonomous University of Mexico Ángel Díaz Barriga, in which he analyzes the main objectives of the new curriculum and the changes that must be promoted in schools.

The specialist assures in that material that a different instruction is needed “for compensatory reasons.

The research shows a distance between school content and the social and cultural reality of the students. It is the principle of a fair, compensatory, critical and emancipatory school.

The specialist emphasizes that the training that was traditionally given must also be changed for pedagogical and didactic reasons, which is why it is necessary break with the reforms that followed in the footsteps of international organizations, inadequate to our environment.

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