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The Senate once again expands the “Cercanías Train” and is at risk of being lost

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The Senate once again expands the "Cercanías Train" and is at risk of being lost

The Chamber of Senators once again postponed the “Cercanías Train” bill. Taking into account that the parliamentary recess begins tomorrow, Wednesday, it can only be treated again in March 2023.

With 19 votes for the constitution in committee of the plenary session, 15 against and 11 absent, the necessary 23 votes were not reached. There is a risk that the project will come to nothing, since the Korean Government and the KIND company of said country, maintain that they cannot continue to maintain the offer presented 3 years ago.


Salyn Buzarquis, a national senator for the PLRA and one of the planners of the initiative, moved that the plenary be constituted as a commission for the opinion of the project. However, his initiative did not prosper among his colleagues.

He stated that he wants to believe in the good faith of his colleagues, but warned that “hopefully we will not miss the last train.”

“I heard that many promised trains but did not even do pre-feasibility studies,” he criticized.

Hugo Richer, national senator for the Guasu Front, pointed out that there are things to improve in the project but denied that this has not been dealt with in time.

“I understand that a motion deserves a brief debate. There is no need to extend the subject much. Everyone who votes after whether they agree or not, ”she urged.


Blas Llano, a national senator for the PLRA, affirmed that many compatriots will be affected by the domain strip. “They have questions and want the project to be rejected. The arguments they put forward are reasonable. It is impossible according to the Constitution to approve a credit, establishing who the company is, I don’t think the Constitution allows us to approve such a law. That is why I do not agree that the plenary session be constituted as a commission, ”he said.

Desirée Masi, national senator for the PDP, expressed that she is against the project since there are things that are not very clear. “They can try but I’m not going to participate,” she said.

Stephan Rasmussen, national senator for the PPQ, commented that there is no consensus on the project, taking into account that government entities such as the MOPC, the Treasury and Fepasa have different positions.

Carlos Filizzola, national senator for the Guasu Front, questioned that the project presents several irregularities, so it cannot be approved in a hurry.

“None of the commissions ruled it. It doesn’t make sense, he wants to run over. There are many issues to resolve. We are not against it but many things have to be changed, it is not right, it is not clear. There are many issues that are not resolved, ”he commented.

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