AMLO meets with senators and deputies to evaluate progress and pending

AMLO meets with senators and deputies to evaluate progress and pending

Morenists such as Ignacio Mier, coordinator of the federal deputies of Morena, arrived at the National Palace; Yeidckol Polevnsky, deputy and former president of the party; senators like Armando Guadiana, who was recently appointed coordinator of the defense committees of the fourth transformation in Coauhuila, that is, the prelude to the designation of Morena as a candidate for that state.

However, among the entire group of legislators, it stands out that the coordinator of the Morena bench in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, does not appear at the appointment.

The foregoing despite the fact that in his conference on Monday, President López Obrador expressed his support for the legislator to remain at the head of the bench so that there is no criticism from the opposition.

Upon his arrival, Ignacio Mier reported that the achievements of the Legislative Branch in the fourth year will be evaluated at the meeting with the president.

“A Republican meeting, we are going to meet with the President of the Republic, the deputies, deputies as well as senators from our coalition… we will make a very quick evaluation of what this legislative year was like, of what we achieved in terms of electrical reform, the National Guard, dignified vacations, time zones and recently the political-electoral reform,” he said.

Mario Delgado, national president of Morena, and Citlalli Hernández, general secretary of the party, are also summoned to the meeting.

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