The sectors that boosted industry and commerce in October

The sectors that boosted industry and commerce in October

Industry and commerce registered increases in October, according to reports presented by Dane.

The real production of the manufacturing activity increased 5.3%, while its sales registered a growth of 5.4% and employed personnel had a rise of 3.1%, compared to the same month in 2021.

Of the 39 industrial activities represented by the survey, a total of 25 registered positive variations in its real production, adding 6.8 percentage points to the total annual variation.

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For their part, 14 subsectors had negative variations in October. Altogether they subtracted 1.5 percentage points to the total change.

The greatest increases were noted in Manufacture of motor vehicles and their engines (91.6%), in Manufacture of bodies for motor vehiclestrailers (61.7%) and Manufacture of parts, pieces (auto parts) and accessories (luxuries) for vehicles (61.7%).

Meanwhile, the lower production was noted, for example, in coffee threshing (-24.7%) and basic industries of precious and non-ferrous metals (-19.2%).

Throughout the year, up to Last October, the actual production of the manufacturing industry presented a variation of 12.6%.

Real sales grew 12.0% yehe employed personnel stood at 4.6%.
For the corresponding period
In the last twelve months until October 2022, the real production of the manufacturing industry presented a variation of 12.8%, real sales of 12.2% and employed personnel of 4.7%.

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Regarding Retail Trade, Dane reported a 1.9% increase in sales in the tenth month of the year. In addition, employed personnel grew 3.4% relative to October 2021.

The Monthly Trade Survey revealed by the Dane It also indicates that excluding fuel trade, the variation in real sales was 1.8%. Twelve merchandise lines registered positive variations in their real sales and, on the other hand, seven merchandise lines registered negative annual variations in their sales. .

It indicates that the greatest positive contributions to the annual variation occurred in the lines Other motor vehicles and motorcyclesSpare parts, parts, accessories and lubricants for vehicles, and Fuels for motor vehicles, together contributing 3.0 percentage points to the total variation of retail trade.

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The oldest negative contribution it occurs in the line of Household appliances, home furnishings, contributing negatively with 1.1 percentage points, he adds.

From January to October compared to the same period in 2021, commerce sales grew 12.9% and contracted personnel increased 3.2%.

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In the last twelve months, to October, the sector registered an increase of 12.6% in sales and 3.0% in personnel.


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