Chamber approves extension of subsidies for hydroelectric plants

Congress changes rule for recognition of physical education diploma

A decision by the National Congress returned the mandatory recognition of the Ministry of Education (MEC) for physical education diplomas. In today’s joint session (15), deputies and senators overturned the President of the Republic’s veto that withdrew such a requirement.Congress changes rule for recognition of physical education diploma

In addition to holders of a physical education diploma, graduates from higher technology courses related to physical education, such as technologist courses in physical education or technologist courses in leisure sports management, and those who have demonstrably carried out activities of their own can work in the area. of physical education professionals until the entry into force of Law 9696, of 1998, which regulates the profession.

On the other hand, Congress maintained the part of the veto that does not recognize the competence of the Federal Council of Physical Education (Confef) to establish, through its own normative act, the list of activities and sports that require the performance of this professional.

Congress overrode other vetoes in Thursday’s session. Among them are the vetoes added to some changes made by Congress in Provisional Measure 1095/21, which changed tax incentives for the chemical and petrochemical industry, and in Provisional Measure 1116/21, which created the Emprega + Mulheres Program, to encourage employability feminine.

postponed vetoes

Another seven vetoes had the vote postponed. Among them is the oldest one still pending, which involves the criminalization of sending false news. This is a vetoed article in the National Security Law that criminalized “mass misleading communication”, dissemination of facts known to be untrue to compromise the electoral process. Another unappreciated veto removes from the legal text the gratuity of the dispatch of the first bag on national and international flights.

* With information from Agência Senado and Agência Câmara de Notícias

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