The second season of Gilinski's bid for Sura and Nutresa begins

The second season of Gilinski’s bid for Sura and Nutresa begins

Between this Tuesday and February 28 the second season of takeover bids will be held (takeover bid) of the Gilinski group about Nutresa and Grupo Suramericana, companies of the Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño (GEA).

In the case of nourishes, the business and financial group intends buy between 18.3% and 22.88% of shares at a price per title of US$10.48. For now, they are the owners of 27.69% of the assets of this company after the takeover bid that ended on January 12.

On the group side South Americanseeks to acquire between 5% and 6.25% of the ordinary shares, paying for each one US$9.88. At the moment, Gilinski owns 25.25% of the company’s shares after the takeover bid that ended on January 11.

For February 22 and 24 they were summoned the extraordinary assemblies of shareholders of Sura and Nutresa in order to decide on the takeover bids.

In these meetings, it is planned to submit for consideration the authorization required by some members of the Board of Directors of the companies due to the existence of potential conflicts of interest to deliberate and decide on the takeover bid for the shares of Grupo Suramericana and Nutresa, the processing conglomerate food.


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