The scenes, phrases, fights that 2022 left in Congress

The scenes, phrases, fights that 2022 left in Congress


That of Damián Zepeda has not been the only recognition. Possessor of one of the most applauded oratories, PRI senator Beatriz Paredes also ventilated her party.

As if she were a teacher, on September 21, she explained to Morena why the delivery of transfers should not be the main social policy and to make herself better understood, she acknowledged that there is or was as much corruption in her party, as there is now.

“We insist on throwing mud at each other every day, I do not want to show off to Mexican society how corrupt we all are or have all been or I can show that some are. No, what I want is that the will to combat poverty corresponds to correct policies.

“The transfer policy must always be complementary and with a lower budget than the hard policies that are educational and health,” he explained.

Use of face mask

Again Noroña generated controversy with his interventions, criticizing the use of face masks and calling on the president to stop “the madness” of using them.

On September 30, in the midst of the debate on the elimination of Daylight Saving Time, he demanded a study “of the harm of the use of face masks.”

“Ah, but there they take the children with face masks to the children’s facilities, yes, colored and nonsense! Without realizing that they are doing damage to oxygenation. That they are killing neurons, that their lungs are in Formation and development”.

“Let’s see when, comrade President, we stop the madness of the measures for the so-called health emergency, they are no longer justified, it is no longer necessary.”

“I don’t want to think that we have to bring an initiative to remove all those measures that are also no longer justified,” he threatened.


On October 17, after the scandal over the hacking of the Guacamaya Leaks activists against the Secretary of National Defense, its head, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, canceled a meeting with deputies that would be held the following day to discuss the issue and accused that the deputy Sergio Barrera was “disrespectful”.

The behavior was not verified and the military official, until now, has not rendered accounts on the subject.

“Given the seriousness of the unfortunate events caused by the hacking of the Sedena servers, and the risk that this implies, the determination could have been made to carry out an open and transparent exercise at the headquarters of the Honorable Chamber of Deputies,” exposed the legislator in the letter in which he had expressed his rejection of a private meeting, which was taken as disrespect.

The Cash, budget and pink march

On October 13, the Chamber of Deputies became a reading club, due to the dissemination of the book “El Rey del Cash”, by the journalist and former official Elena Chávez, since the PAN member Mariana Gómez del Campo recommended its reading to the morenistas .

“It is urgent for them to read this book… they are going to understand a lot of corruption, this government has become the most corrupt government in history,” he said.

But they brought out other bestsellers. The petista Benjamín Robles took the library out of him: What do you think of Felipe “El oscuro”? Secret intrigues and betrayals of Mexico’s bloodiest six-year term? Or what do you think of Fox’s Shadow Business? or The Lord of Death? What do you think of “The accomplices of the president” to remember the six-year term of the PAN? “, he revived.

On November 3, the legislative controversy was unleashed by Adán Augusto López Hernández, when he went to the Chamber of Deputies and assured about the electoral reform “if you ask me if we are building it with the PRI, yes.”

Although the electoral issue was formally discussed until December, it has been the subject of recurring fights in both chambers since then, especially when discussing the 2023 Budget.

That discussion threw perhaps the most acidic criticism against the president, since he appeared on PAN banners drawn with the body of a rat, for which Morena tried unsuccessfully to have the images removed.

On November 10, PAN deputy María Teresa Castell dedicated the song by Paquita la del Barrio, “Rata de dos patas” to her, and called the president “Rata-Manuel… Are you hearing me useless?”, the PAN member claimed.

But the opposition as a whole devoted almost the entire budget debate to defending the spending of the National Electoral Institute (INE), fueled by the march in defense of that body on November 13.

“And see you on Sunday the 13th, at 10:30 in the morning at the Angel of Independence” was the center of the opposition discourse.

The Morenista Sergio Gutiérrez Luna also launched himself against two of the 11 INE councilors: President Lorenzo Córdova and Ciro Murayama, who will conclude their assignment on April 4 and practically considers the origin of the INE’s ills for what he keeps track of. regressive of the days that remain until both conclude their management.

The INE is the institution that López Obrador “praised so much in its creation until it came to victory. But that’s how dictators are, they use democracy when they come to power and when they are in power they dedicate themselves to destroying it,” said PAN member Georgina Campuzano.

The day after the massive pink march, on November 14, Senator Germán Martínez summarized what happened: the electoral reform “was mortally wounded by the electoral reform as López Obrador wants it. (…) I demand that the PRI Don’t march. Let him vote. I don’t believe him until he votes.”

“It became clear that no, the street has no owners. The president is not the owner of the street and neither is he the owner of the INE… Citizens are more than a morning voice in the National Palace. We are not one nor are we a hundred. Inche government tell us well, ”he said.


The legislative year closed with the discussion and approval of Plan B for electoral reform, which consisted of changes to secondary laws since the constitutional reform did not pass.

The issue permeated a good part of the year, but it was vented in almost two weeks, only in hours of discussion at dawn, in both chambers of Congress, express and without ruling.

The graphic image of the return of the state party involved with the changes, was put -again- by PAN Senator Xóchitl Gálvez, now on December 15.

Covered in a dinosaur costume as the PRI was accused of in the past, it was bet on the plenary session of the Senate. But not even that stopped the reform.

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