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The SAT announces facilities for taxpayers in the agricultural sector

The SAT announces facilities for taxpayers in the agricultural sector

For individuals

Individuals dedicated to the primary sector and whose income does not exceed the amount of 900,000 pesos in the year in question, may choose not to submit monthly or annual returns.

However, they must issue electronic invoices for their operations.

Meanwhile, individuals who receive income from retirement or pensions and who are also dedicated exclusively to activities in the primary sector can be taxed under the Simplified Trust Regime for the income from said activities and apply the benefit of exemption from payment of the Tax. On Income (ISR).

Individuals who are dedicated exclusively to the activities of the primary sector and who carry out operations with legal entities will not be subject to the withholding of 1.25% for the payments that the aforementioned legal entities have made to them, provided that their income does not exceed the amount of 900,000 pesos.

They may also invoice and declare through the acquirer.

Facilities for legal persons

Legal entities may submit interim and monthly ISR and value added tax (VAT) payments every six months.

They may also deduct labor payment expenses for temporary farm workers (for example, day laborers), livestock feed and minor expenses, up to 10% of total income, without exceeding 800,000 pesos. In the case of minor expenses, these may not exceed 5,000 pesos.

Nor are they required to submit the provisional and annual income tax returns, as well as the corresponding VAT returns, in the case of legal entities under agrarian law when their annual income does not exceed 702,021 pesos for 2022 for each of its members. They should not exceed 7 million 20,216 pesos per year for this year as a whole. This income limit does not apply to ejidos and communities.

Legal entities may comply with the VAT obligations of their members.

The determined ISR may be reduced by 30% when the companies or associations of producers, as well as other legal entities, are made up only of natural persons and that the annual income for each partner is not greater than 14 million 847 thousand 756 pesos for 2022 without that exceeds in the set of the members 148 million 477 thousand 568 pesos for this year.

They will be exempt from presenting the notice related to the tax information of partners, shareholders or associates, both their RFC and their names, unless the tax authority requests them.

For both regimens

Expenses for fuel made by any means other than a nominative check from the taxpayer’s account, credit, debit or service card or electronic purses authorized by the SAT may be deducted, as long as they do not exceed 15% of the total payments. made by fuel consumption.

You will be able to find out the 4% that they retain for labor, provided that the payments made to each worker do not exceed 521 pesos per day in the free zone of the northern border and 346 pesos in the rest of the country.

Finally, it is important to mention that receiving federal, state, municipal or any other type of government support is not counted as income within the Simplified Trust Regime for the maximum allowed amount of 3,500,000 pesos or to be exempt from paying ISR when the income derived from primary activities does not exceed 900,000 pesos per year.

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