Children's Day boosts the sale of toys, clothing and technology

The sale of toys for Children’s Day grows

In toy stores with a 50% share of national toys, the average ticket was around .800 per unit / Photo 123RF

The sale of games and toys for Children’s Day managed to exceed last year’s levels, registering an increase of 2% in units, reported this Saturday the Argentine Chamber of the Toy Industry (CAIJ).

In toy stores with a share of 50% of national toysthe average ticket was around $1,800 per unit, while in toy stores that offer 90% imported products, the average ticket was $6,000, the entity said in a statement.

Children’s Day “explains 60% of sales for the sector and managed to slightly exceed last year’s levels,” the CAIJ remarked.

According to the entity, 80% of sales were made through the National Government’s Now 12 program and banking promotions.

Among domestically manufactured products, the ones with the best performance were inventive board games and educational toys.

Other highly sought after products are blocks, modeling masses and early childhood toys (0 to 3 years), which account for 40% of the supply of toys such as inserts, rattles and gyms for babies; walkers and skateboards also sold very well.

Regarding the increase in prices of national toys, the CAIJ highlighted that “it was lower than that of accumulated inflation and averaged a 50% increase in year-on-year terms.

“While the increase in toys of foreign origin was around 75% compared to 2021, due to the cost of international freight and the precautionary measures that were authorized by certain sectors of the Judiciary,” said the entity chaired by Emmanuel Poletto.

For the entity, “these unfair practices harmed the free availability of Central Bank reserves and increased imports by 20% in dollars and 15% in kilograms, with the aggravating circumstance of not having analyzed the safety aspects of the toy, putting The safety of children is at risk.

Meanwhile, Poletto celebrated the measures of the new economic cabinet and stressed that “industry should be prioritized to access the necessary foreign currency to acquire raw materials, imported inputs and capital goods, not for luxury goods or products that have national production” .

“In this way it will be possible to ensure the continuity of investments and the generation of quality employment,” said the businessman.

He also stressed that “there are good expectations for the national industry ahead of the year-end season and our goal is to recover production levels with the aim of improving competitiveness to increase exports and recover the domestic market,” concluded Poletto.

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