The road drama

The road drama

We see the wide highways that Paraguay still needs to improve at different times when we have to go inland.

There is a path that could be much closer between Caacupé and Piribebuy that is waiting for the cobblestone -at least- of it.

That is a simple explanation sometimes for why we have to go around so many times with paved roads, consuming fossil fuel that we do not fear. And it seems that everything is geared towards business, to continue sustaining wealth.

And so, and the one that builds routes also has gas stations, and this one also already has interests in politics to lay out many of these roads that continue to privilege the sector.

Some believe that those who would most oppose the use of electrical energy to move the Paraguayan vehicle fleet are the same ones who make the regulations and are in political power.

The same thing also happens with electric trains or streetcars that could make a huge change in the old public transportation system that we have; but again, it is not the people who would be in favor of these things, who may be stuck in a circumstance of this type, but rather it is the political and economic protagonists themselves who design routes, who build them, who have gas stations, those who seek political power, those interested in making the road shorter, more abbreviated, or the use of abundant energy -as we have from the two hydroelectric plants- are not using it as we should and we are always thinking about the oil dependency.

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