“The resignation is imminent”: Deputy Bugueño confirms his departure from the FRVS together with Senator Sepúlveda and a group of militants

From Chimbarongo, Deputy Félix Bugueño confirmed his resignation from the Social Green Regionalist Federation (FRVS), after Senator Alejandra Sepúlveda also announced her departure. Both pointed to the management of the party president, Flavia Torrealba, and the incidence of her husband, the deputy Jaime Mulet. “This is a decision made, we are going to formalize it during the week,” said the parliamentarian.

The lack of dialogue, participation and internal democracy are some of the reasons why both Senator Sepúlveda and Deputy Bugueño will resign from the official party, however, they would not be the only ones. The congressman revealed to this medium that several militants, councilors and regional advisers will also do so.

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According to the deputy Bugueño, the reason for his resignation is “the low appreciation of the board towards the party’s parliamentarians.” “Each one of the parties has to value, of course, all its militants, they are all important, but without a doubt we parliamentarians have to have this relationship because we are the first line with the Executive in decision-making. So, we lacked that coordination,” he argued. Likewise, he affirmed that he will support the decision of Senator Sepúlveda.

“I feel that we were not valued,” laments the pro-government parliamentarian and soon ex-member of the FRVS, assuring that the exodus of militants will not affect La Moneda. “Internal decision-making has nothing to do with President Gabriel Boric’s program, they are different issues, they are internal issues that occur within the parties,” said Deputy Bugueño. However, he acknowledged that the community “will undoubtedly receive a blow, because the party without parliamentarians is weakened.”

The representative of the O’Higgins Region emphasized the relationship between Flavia Torrealba and Deputy Jaime Mulet, who have an internal relationship. For Bugueño, “this is where she sees herself, also from the outside, as a family SME.” He lashed out, “this lady and husband control the party. And that in the end was destroying internal democracy.”

“Unfortunately, with Senator Sepúlveda, we were part of the construction of this party. We are founders, we created the party together, we fought to decentralize and present a different proposal to the citizens. But we were disappointed and unfortunately with great sadness we will make this decision It’s not easy, after having built something. We generate our prestige with Senator Sepúlveda. And we have to take care of that. But not within a party where that does not exist,” said the deputy.

“Many militants who are going to resign have called us”

Regarding the other militants who would resign from the FRVS, Deputy Bugueño maintains that “many councilors, regional councilors and also at the national level have called us, pointing out that if such a parliamentarian leaves, for the same reasons, many would resign.”

“I believe that unfortunately the party is beginning to disarm because they also see that its leaders are not satisfied with the directive. And more than with the directive, with the construction that has taken place in recent times,” he says.

“Many militants have called us who are going to resign. There is a great disappointment. So, en masse, there would be many militants”, confirmed the deputy Bugueño, expressing that it is a painful decision. Of course, the decision is made, he reiterates.

And it is that within the fundamental pillars of the FRVS is decentralization, but both for Senator Sepúlveda and for Deputy Bugueño, “it was something that was lost and it became an SME.”

“The resignation is imminent,” concluded Bugueño, expressing his full support for Senator Alejandra Sepúlveda. “I don’t leave her alone in this and I don’t get lost either,” he closed.

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