El Informe: David de los Santos fue acusado de robo en reporte preliminar

The Report: David de los Santos was accused of robbery in a preliminary report

The Investigation programme journalistic “The Report”, with Alicia Ortega presented this Monday a report in which he offered details of what happened to the young David De los Santos, who died in the custody of agents of the National Police of the Ensanche Naco detachment in the National District and whose death report made by the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (INACIF)indicates that he died of homicide.

After the outrage caused by his case before the Dominican society, there are several versions that are handled about the case, the official position of the Uniformed changed from that the injuries had been caused by himself to that they were caused by other inmates inside the prison. cell in which he was detained.

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However, the journalistic investigation program indicated this Monday that a source revealed to him that the initial report indicated that the young physical education teacher had been arrested for robbery, but later this reason would have changed. According to the program “El Informe”, the National Emergency System 9-1-1 received a call at 7:54 pm requesting the assistance of the National Police, but once this action was completed, the transfer of custody of young David De los Santos and the official report of the event was made, the reason for his arrest was classified as “Bad behavior” in one of the stores in the mall.

In addition, members of the 9-1-1 System interviewed by “El Informe” assure that when evaluating David de los Santos he showed an “Agitated” and “Little collaborative” attitude for the medical evaluation, they also indicated that he did not want to talk but He had swelling in his upper body. Also, they said he had high blood pressure.

Testimonies from relatives offered to the Report with Alicia Ortega indicate that the victim spent around 26 hours waiting for the evaluation process of her medical condition to be completed.

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