The rector of the closed school that children with disabilities attended in CABA spoke

The rector of the middle level of the Nuevo Horizonte school, Ramón Benítez, explains the situation of the school.


The rector of the middle level of the Nuevo Horizonte school, Ramón Benítezsaid that after the announcement of the closure of that school, which is attended by 450 students, some of them with disabilities under the modality of educational inclusion, the Buenos Aires Ministry of Education did not communicate with the educational community and they will have a meeting with the union UTE-Ctera to “see what alternatives” arise.

The situation contemplates the privately managed educational center located at Matheu 1472, in the San Cristóbal neighborhood, where around 90 teachers and non-teachers work and about 450 students attend the initial, primary and secondary levels, 50 of them with disabilities, whose families received this Monday the telephone notification from the school authorities of the closure of the place since March 1.

“I am attending to the families, showing my face as an authority, while I wait for the dismissal letter,” he told Télam Benítez, who has worked at the school for 10 years, first as a Geography teacher and since July last year as level rector. middle of the institution.

In dialogue with this agency, The rector said that he is “doing what is necessary so that families can get a vacancy in other institutions” and that they are not yet in communication with the Buenos Aires Ministry of Education.

“No one communicated,” he warned, and reported that they are only “in contact with Mariano Mango from UTE”who promised to accompany them and take the problem to the union: “We are going to meet to see what alternatives we have,” said Benítez.

About 450 students attended the privately run educational center located at Matheu 1472, 50 of them with disabilities.

In this sense, andl Secretary of Private Management of the Union of Education Workers (UTE-Ctera), Mariano Mangotold Télam that “part of this also has to provide a solution to the government of the city of Buenos Aires through the General Directorate of Private Management Education.”

“As I understand it, the school has more than 60% state contribution,” he explained.

Like the rest of teachers, students and familiesthe high school rector of the school received the news of the closure of the school upon returning from his vacations and shortly after the start of the school yearthrough the legal representative of the school, Beatriz Montes de Oca.

I am still amazed, organizing myself with colleagues so that this is not auctioned off, that it is not a real estate deal. I have no certainties or precise information about the financial situation of the school,” explained Benítez, who recalled that at the end of last year’s school, they were told “that projects were coming, new preparations.”

“I love the families, my students. I was betting on a project,” lamented the rector, and warned that they are “in disparity” with the owners of the school since while they are organizing they must “make agreements, comply with schedules, look for job and vacancies.

For his part, joint venture issued a statement of support for the school’s educational community.

“From UTE we accompany the educational community of the Nuevo Horizonte School. We demand the intervention of the DGEGP of the Ministry of Education of the City,” said the union’s statement.

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