The ranking of the best places to work in Uruguay

The ranking of the best places to work in Uruguay

As every year, The global human resources consultancy Great Place to Work (GPTW) released the ranking of the best companies to work for in the country, according to the perception of their own workers (in total, more than 19 thousand were surveyed). The results were announced on Thursday night.

For this year’s lists, GPTW surveyed 120 Uruguayan organizations from 17 different fields. Of them, 50 achieved presence in three different categories: the best companies to work for, which have between 10 and 50 employees; the second list positions the companies of between 51 and 300 workers; and, the third nuclear classification to organizations that work in the country with a staff of more than 300 employees.

According to the GPTW report that accompanies the companies’ positions, the well-being of Uruguayan workers within their respective companies was marked, mainly, by three aspects: connection to purpose (between the employee and the organization); physical and mental well-being; and the security and stability.

Leadership, credibility and respect, the three keys

Likewise, there are three central axes that the consultant evaluates when preparing the ranking: leadership, credibility and respect.

“The role of leaders is key in the way of working in any organization: the present and the future,” said the study on the first axis. “In this context, the leader focused on the work of the future is clear that the Flexibility is critical to creating successful teams made up of motivated people and that their management will set the pulse of their people”, was developed on that point.

The study carried out by GPTW of the organizations for this year showed that “the current leaders in our country have been working hard on this issue, observing a significant increase in the data that makes the experience of your teams. However, there is still one important gap regarding those leaders who are not part of a great place to work”.

“The best places to work in Uruguay this year show a significant impact of their work in terms of the experience of their collaborators on feeling respected and cared for by these organizations and their leaders”, demonstrated the report on the third point, which is respect.

“In turn, fostering andhe balance between personal and work life continues to be a determining factorwhich has challenged organizations in this new post-pandemic reality,” he added.


Fedra Feola is the country manager of GPTW Uruguay

Best companies with between 10 and 50 employees to work for in Uruguay

The first of the three lists organized Uruguayan companies with between 10 and 50 employees. The company that ranked best was Awalabs, which belongs to the information technology industry. Rounding out the top five positions were: phData, Nexa, Translational Research in Oncology (TRIO), and Renier.

The ranking of the best places to work in Uruguay

Marcelo Morillas

This is how the complete ranking was configured:

Position Company Number of employees Industry
1 Awalabs 19 information technology
2 phData 10 information technology
3 NEXA 37 information technology
4 Translational Research in Oncology (TRIO) 22 Health care
5 Renier Four. Five Media
6 digital wasabi 29 advertising marketing
7 Tower House Studio 14 information technology
8 GoGrow 33 information technology
9 BIKO 25 Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
10 influence 36 information technology

Best companies with between 51 and 300 employees to work for in Uruguay

The second category positioned Uruguayan companies with between 51 and 300 workers. In this case, the Hilton hotel was the one that obtained the first place. For their part, DHL Uruguay, December Labs, Bunker db and Verde completed the top 5.

The ranking of the best places to work in Uruguay

Marcelo Morillas

This is how the complete list was:

Position Company Number of employees Industry
1 hilton 123 hospitality
2 DHL Uruguay 102 Logistics
3 December Labs 140 information technology
4 bunker db 63 information technology
5 GREEN 105 Financial services
6 light-it 52 information technology
7 LACNIC 70 Telecommunications
8 practice 116 information technology
9 xmartlabs 129 information technology
10 Uruguayan airports 263 Airport
eleven abstract 117 information technology
12 ethermax 88 information technology
13 Octobot 69 information technology
14 BASE 214 Retail
fifteen The real 256 Retail
16 EY Uruguay 185 Professional services
17 Punta el Este Airport 54 Airport
18 kaizen 58 information technology
19 scantech 288 information technology
twenty Hikko 73 information technology
twenty-one Altimetrik 143 information technology
22 The Sandbox Uruguay 92 information technology
23 TIMAC Agro 78 Agriculture
24 TMF URUGUAY 67 Professional services
25 Acsa 71 real estate

Best companies with more than 300 employees to work for in Uruguay

FNC or Fábricas Nacionales de Cerveza was the company that consolidated as the best workplace in Uruguay with more than 300 employees, according to the GPTW parameters. It was followed by Globant, Arcos Dorados Uruguay, Deloitte Uruguay and Saber.

The ranking of the best places to work in Uruguay

Marcelo Morillas

This is how companies of this size positioned themselves:

Position Company Number of employees Industry
1 FNC 642 manufacturing production
2 globant 1100 information technology
3 Golden Arches Uruguay 2000 Hospitality
4 Deloitte Uruguay 364 Professional services
5 will know 938 information technology
6 credit 374 Financial services
7 House Credit 452 Financial services
8 Santander 582 Financial services
9 Orders Now 1236 information technology
10 BASF 999 Other
eleven zonamerica 318 Other
12 TA TA 3986 Retail
13 SAN ROQUE 387 Retail
14 pharmashop 2018 Retail
fifteen Soon 392 Financial services

How Uruguayan companies face the future?

“The future of work will be increasingly focused on people and their needs. With the advancement of technology and automation, many repetitive and routine tasks will be performed by robots and artificial intelligence systems, freeing up employees to focus on tasks that require soft skills such as creativity, empathy, and decision-making. ”, noted the GPTW 2023 report.

And he concluded: “This change will require companies to focus on the well-being and satisfaction of their employees. Instead of maximizing efficiency and productivity at any cost, companies will have to consider how work affects their teams’ quality of life. This can include flexible hours, remote work, a range of broader benefits, and career development opportunities.”

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