Daniel Arturo Rosales Frixione

The Prosecutor’s Office requests 42 years in prison for the son of former magistrate Francisco Rosales, for the murder of a couple in Rivas

The Rivas Prosecutor’s Office requested a sentence of 42 years in prison for Daniel Rosales Frixione, son of the deceased former Ortega magistrate Francisco Rosales, for the murder of a couple from Rivas, whom the defendant ran over with his truck on a section of the Pan-American highway. The penalty debate was held on July 3.

The accident that claimed the life of Pedro Joaquin Cubillo Quiroz30 years old, and that of his wife, Eilish Milagro Mora Torrez, 23, occurred at night on March 21. At the time of the accident, both were accompanied by their 18-month-old son, who recovered satisfactorily weeks after the traffic accident, but is at risk of suffering physical deformity.

In accordance with Office 505For each homicide that the defendant committed by fraud, the Prosecutor’s Office requested 15 years in prison and for the very serious injuries to the detriment of the baby, another 10 years.

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Likewise, he requested a sentence of two more years for Daniel Rosales Frixione for the crime of exposure and abandonment of people, because the defendant fled the place after causing the accident.

The Prosecutor's Office requests 42 years in prison for the son of former magistrate Francisco Rosales, for the murder of a couple in Rivas
The victims of Daniel Rosales Frixione, the ones he rammed while driving drunk and under the influence of drugs, according to IML forensics. Photo: Courtesy

At the trial, Mario Barberena, Rivas Criminal District judge, found the defendant guilty of the three crimes. The Prosecutor’s Office managed to show that the subject was driving at 123 kilometers per hour on a stretch of road in which the maximum speed allowed is 80 kilometers per hour.

It also showed that Rosales Frixione was driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine, and that, after escaping from the scene of the accident, he was arrested at 7:30 in the morning the next day in San Juan del Sur.

Evidence that the defendant fled the scene of the accident without offering assistance to the victims was critical to the guilty verdict against him, treating the incident as a criminal act, rather than a simple traffic accident.

Judge Barberena scheduled a new hearing for next July 11, in which the prison sentence that Rosales Frixione must serve will be determined.

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