The Prosecutor's Office must investigate Tabesa as an operation A Ultranza Py

The Prosecutor’s Office must investigate Tabesa as an operation A Ultranza Py

Lawyer José Casañas Levi stated that any investigation into alleged acts of money laundering should move as is the A Ultranza PY operation.

On Radio La Unión, he questioned the slowness with which the Public Ministry is moving after what was broadcast by Seprelad around Tabesa. “When an investigator has news or knowledge of a fact, the first thing he has to do is go to that place because that is where he will find the information he needs. If he takes passive ownership of submitting trades, expecting them to reply, that is valuable wasted time that is no longer recovered,” he commented.

He also affirmed that the A Ultranza PY operation is an example of how this must be done: it is done simultaneously, with many people and in all the places where there would be evidence, this in relation to the reports released by the Money Laundering Prevention Secretariat. (Seprelad) about the financial movements of Tabacalera del Este SA (Tabesa).

He also indicated that this does not occur due to several factors, citing as examples “the comfort that the public servant currently has”, in reference to the prosecutors, as well as “the unresolved conflict with the Police, which is the body that has the capacity to investigate, since there was never a consonance with the Prosecutor’s Office.”

Casañas Levi fears that everything discovered and revealed by Seprelad regarding Tabesa and the millions of dollars that he apparently transferred without any control to companies of the same business group “will come to nothing” from the legal point of view.

“I am struck by the passivity with which the investigation is moving. I understand that they are documents that require a lot of reading and all that, but that work is divided. What happens is that there is a lot of pressure and in front of us there is a very powerful enemy economically and politically. If the prosecutor does not have significant support, it is difficult for him to be encouraged, ”he said.

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