Pedro Castillo's lawyer: "The president has to work and there is harassment by the prosecution"

Pedro Castillo’s lawyer: “The president has to work and there is harassment by the prosecution”

the lawyer of , assured that the decision to investigate his client from the Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation violates the Constitution and is a “harassment” against the work that he must carry out as president of the Republic.

In statements to RPP, Pachas assured that the laws in Peru, Latin America and other countries in Europe, as well as the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, consider the presidential figure an armor because this high dignitary must lead a country.

“You cannot dictate coercive measures, ‘chuponear’, make telephone interventions. The president must work and he is being harassed by the prosecution and that interpretation is not in accordance with the law and the legal framework”he indicated.

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Along these lines, Castillo Terrones’ lawyer described as “absurd” that it is intended to initiate preliminary investigations against the president because the nature of his work may require confidential information or leave the country.

“It is as absurd as the fact that the President of the Republic can be assigned an undercover agent, that communications secrecy can be lifted. The president, because of his work, because of his function, has to lead a country, a Nation and has classified information in which he has to make commitments and call ministers ”he asserted.

Eduardo Pachas indicated that Pablo Sánchez is going against the text of article 117 of the Constitution because none of the alleged crimes in the investigation are considered there. For this, he said that they hope there will be an investigation respecting due process.

“(That does not respond) to the whim of videos or audios […] That he carry out an investigation according to the constitutional framework and the law, not because of pressure because there has already been pressure from congressmen who, if he did not file a complaint, would file a constitutional complaint,” demanded the president’s lawyer.


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