The prosecutor who 'cornered' Yhonier Leal: "There is no perfect crime," he told him

The prosecutor who ‘cornered’ Yhonier Leal: “There is no perfect crime,” he told him

Yhonier Leal / Prosecutor of the case

With an arsenal of evidence, collected with investigators from the CTI, the representative of the accusing entity addressed Yhonier directly at the charges hearing.

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In less than two months, Prosecutor Mario Burgos ‘solved’ the notorious case of the double homicide of Mauricio Leal and that of his mother Marleny Hernández, which occurred on November 21, 2021 in a house in the La Calera sector, on the outskirts from Bogota.

Thanks to a thorough investigation in which both physical evidence as well as audio and video evidence was collected, it was possible to infer that the culprit of this heinous crime was Yhonier Leal, brother and son of the victims.

The prosecutor who 'cornered' Yhonier Leal: "There is no perfect crime," he told him
Hearing for the imputation of charges against Yhonier Leal.

The accused in a first hearing assured that “he was unable to lay a hand on his brother and his mother.”

“I would be incapable,” Mauricio Leal’s brother had said after the double homicide, now he is captured

However, as a result of the pressure exerted by Burgos in his speech, Yhonier ended up giving in and the next day in a new hearing and after talking with his lawyer, he decided to accept the charges that the accusing body charged him with.

The Prosecutor’s Office accused him of: “Aggravated homicide by kinship and by concealment, alteration or destruction of material evidence”, crimes that could give him up to 30 years in prison.

«You, Yhonier Leal, insist to Jair (Mauricio Leal’s driver) to accompany him. You make five calls to him insisting that he accompany him to Mauricio Leal’s house and you leave two text messages on your mother’s and brother’s cell phones. Yhonier, you by way of fraud, are the author of the double homicide of Mauricio Leal Hernández and your mother, “was the most forceful phrase of the prosecutor.

And so, throughout the legal proceedings that lasted more than 8 hours and ended with the confession of the stylist, the lawyer spoke to the alleged murderer.

The prosecutor who 'cornered' Yhonier Leal: "There is no perfect crime," he told him
Prosecutor speaking to Yhonier Leal.

“There is no perfect crime,” the prosecutor insisted to Yhonier at the hearing.

The prosecutor

The 1st Delegate Prosecutor before the District Court was key in the resolution of this case since he contributed all his expertise in the judicial field and it is not the first time that he has resolved one of the so-called notorious cases in our country.

Another one of them, that of the death of the student Sergio Urrego.

After an arduous investigation, with his team of experts from the CTI, he managed, after 7 years of the death of the young man, to capture the former rector of the institution.

In that case, it was even more complex because it was not a homicide, but a suicide, but it had a history of pressure and that the young man was not given help.

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On the other hand, Burgos was a delegate in the investigation of the Vives Caballero case, a drunken driver who ran over seven young people in Gaira, Santa Marta, causing the death of six of them.

This public servant has been working in the judicial branch for years, as a judge in the department of Nariño and nine years as a prosecutor.

After what would be the resolution of the case of Mauricio Leal and his mother, Marleny Hernández, the work of prosecutor Marió Burgos has been praised by Colombians who see in him an example of a public official to follow.

In social networks they have recognized the work to solve this case that at first seemed very difficult.

Now, the Prosecutor’s Office is asked for clarity and speed in establishing if there were accomplices, at least, in the preparation of the double homicide plan.

And that the allegations of money laundering in the property of the deceased stylist should also be clarified.

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