The pros and cons of working and studying at the same time

The pros and cons of working and studying at the same time

Work and , it’s worth it? Without a doubt, doing both things at the same time is quite a demanding task, since it demands a lot of time -dawns- and dedication, reducing your social life. However, in the long run you will see that there are more advantages than disadvantages. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading.

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In Peru, only 31.9% of the EAP has some type of higher education, according to a study by the National Institute of Statistics of Peru (INEI). However, in recent years, the search to improve the educational level is a labor market trend that is developing in the different geographical areas of the country, highlights Lily Bravo, director of the Cibertec School of Management and Business in the portal .

That is why working on your career is important. In addition, the fact that a person uses the money he earns working to pay for his studies shows that he has expectations for the future and wants to improve himself. However, let’s be honest, combining studies with work is not easy at all. Here are the advantages and disadvantages:


Working and studying allows you to gain experience, make contacts and put what you study into practice. Here are some details, according to the portal :

  • Income: You can pay or contribute to the payment of the university pension, educational material, mobility, food, etc. It will help you better organize your personal finances in order to distribute your expenses.
  • Responsibility: If you study and work at the same time, you will get used to being responsible. You will realize that great goals require great efforts, such as being punctual, orderly and using money properly.
  • Ability: if working in a company that is in line with your career, helps you to acquire more knowledge and take advantage of your skills.
  • Contacts: You will be able to meet people linked to your career. This will improve your knowledge and give you job opportunities.


These are the cons that you should take into account:

  • Weather: It is complicated and requires a lot of organization. Time will be short, sometimes, to study for exams or it will prevent you from getting to work early.
  • Less fun: You will have less time to relax, go with your classmates, work or friends to distract yourself. If you have days off, you should analyze if you want to rest or go out and have fun. What do you decide?
  • Opportunities: You will be able to pay for your studies, but you will lose valuable opportunities to generate more income, such as working overtime.
  • Bills: if you only worked, you could spend your salary on the things you like, but if you work and study, your purchasing power will be reduced and you will have to prioritize money on educational expenses.
One of the disadvantages is that you will have less time to have fun like this group of young people (Photo: Pixabay)

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