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Cerro Porteño cannot with Guaireña and Libertad widens its advantage

La Nueva Olla welcomed Cerro Porteño and Guaireña today for the 15th date of the Apertura 2022 tournament.

The azulgrana team jumped onto the pitch with a lot of young blood in their ranks, against a Guaireña who arrived with all their artillery at their disposal.

Match of even forces and in which Cerro Porteño tried to bring danger to the albiceleste area, but got tired of colliding with the experienced bottom led by Miguel Paniagua.

The entire Ciclón bank shouted to the heavens when the VAR intervened to refute an alleged penalty (76′), initially sanctioned by the referee, who reversed his decision.

Finally, time was not enough for those led by Francisco Arce, even though the clock passed 100 games, who with this tie remain with 35 points, three behind Libertad (38), the solitary leader and one candidate for the title.

For his part, Guaireña stagnates in ninth place with 16 integers, and an increasingly compromising situation with the rigorous table of averages.

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