Foto: Carlos Loria

The price of the dollar in Uruguay remains stable

Photo: Carlos Loria
Photo: Carlos Loria

The US dollar was quoted on average at 38.68 Uruguayan pesos in the last session, with a variation of 0.69% compared to 38.41 pesos at the close of the session on Tuesday, January 31. in the last seven daysthe dollar has registered a increase of 0.14%, although it still maintains a decrease of 4.97% in the last year.

This data stopped the flat trend of the last two days. The volatility in the last week was 9.77%, which is lower compared to the annual volatility of 14.82%, which suggests that the variations in this last phase are less pronounced than the general trend. The Uruguayan peso remains relatively calm compared to the constant rises of the dollar in the neighboring Argentina. In that country, the economy is governed by the “Dolar blue”a parallel price not recognized by the government or by the Central Bank of the Argentine Nation, but which is actually what governs reality on the street.

The value of the dollar and other currencies in the BROU

This February 1st, the Republic Bank presented the following quotes for the dollar, the euro and other relevant currencies:

  • Dollar: $37.55 (buy) | $39.95 (sale)
  • eBROU dollar: $38.05 (buy) | $39.45 (sale)
  • Euro: $39.96 (buy) | $44.80 (sale)
  • Argentine Peso: $0.05 (buy) | $0.35 (sale)
  • Brazilian Real: $7.00 (buy) | $8.80 (sale)

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