The President ordered the action of the Armed Forces in the face of the fires

The President ordered the action of the Armed Forces in the face of the fires

Photo: Camila Godoy.

President Alberto Fernández assured this Saturday that the national government is not going to “remain passive” in the face of the fires that affect the islands of the Paraná River Delta and remarked that “immediate action by the Armed Forces” was ordered to stop the fire, provide assistance and collaboration particularly in the metropolitan area of ​​Rosario.

“We cannot tolerate that there continue to be fires in the Delta that affect the environment and the health of millions of Argentine men and women. We are not going to remain passive in the face of disqualifying actions that generate ecological disasters,” the president wrote on his Twitter account along with some photographs of the catastrophe and the operations in place.

In this framework, Fernández ratified that ordered “the immediate action of the Armed Forces to stop the fires” and that “the Joint Command of the Emergency Zone of Santa Fe, Entre Ríos and north of Buenos Aires” was activated.

“The Secretariat for Military Coordination in Emergencies and a team of military advisers are already on site assessing the situation and organizing support tasks. Three Buey II helicopters, 1,600 brigade members, river naval support units of the Navy, Battalion of Engineers Amphibious 121, Battalion of Engineers 1, Battalion of Engineers 2 of Concepción del Uruguay, Company of Engineers and Group of Engineers 601”, he pointed out.

Also, He stressed that the National Ministry of the Environment has already made “the corresponding complaints and is collaborating with the Justice to determine responsibilities.”

“The State must be present to protect the Argentine men and women,” Fernández completed.

Defense Minister, Jorge Taianaand the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Martin Paleoactivated the Joint Emergency Zone Command of Santa Fe, Entre Ríos and north of Buenos Aires on Friday due to the fires in those areas.

The governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti, had previously asked President Fernández for the urgent intervention of the Armed Forces because the numerous operations deployed to respond to the emergency caused by the advance of the flames were insufficient to achieve absolute mitigation of the fires. fires.

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