The president of the DC, Felipe Delpin, reappears, but playing the “Swedish”

After a week of silence, the president of the Christian Democracy (DC) and mayor of La Granja, Felipe Delpin, decides to speak, but avoids referring in detail to the embarrassing episode of the failed lawsuit for “unfair administration” against the former helmsman Falangist, Fuad Chahin, and who questioned his continuity at the head of the party. After a large part of his own board of directors disavowed him, denouncing that the withdrawal of the lawsuit against Chahin responded to a “unilateral decision”, the internal crisis in the phalanx worsened, and -according to details from the community- Delpin threatened to resign from his position, but hours later he ratified his permanence after receiving the sudden support of some of his comrades linked to the Rejection, such as the former presidents of the DC, Andrés Zaldívar, Ignacio Walker, Carolina Goic, Juan Carlos Latorre and Ricardo Hormazábal, in addition to Senators Ximena Rincón and Matías Walker.

This is support that the Falangist helmsman did not expect, considering the constant public confrontations that he has had with a sector that in the first instance requested “freedom of action” for the party’s militants, ahead of the September 4 plebiscite, and that in recent weeks it has been deployed in the campaign for Rejection, contravening the institutional position of the store. A situation that for Felipe Delpin will have to be resolved internally, after the referendum, beyond the paradox of the support of a sector that has laid bare the differences –for some irreconcilable– of a party with respect to which even some of its militants, such as the Senator Francisco Huenchumilla, have raised the possibility of a “friendly dissolution”.

In relation to this, the president of the DC maintains that “the freedom of action, which some requested around the institutional position of the party, is something that can finally be exercised at the polls. I have talked with some comrades who have recognized their position in favor of Rejection, but they have not made it public. And that is what we asked for: respect for the party’s agreements. Others decided to appear on the right-wing side and even participate in their television slot. The internal discussion about these comrades who did not respect the agreements of the National Board, it will be something that will be settled after September 4”.

As for the controversial episode, in Delpin’s environment they assure that he left in the Christian Democracy a power to file the lawsuit for “unfair administration of the party”, but that he did not incorporate the name of Chahin, but was another authority of the table director who did it. The accused himself maintains that he met with the Christian Democrat helmsman hours before he finally gave up suing him, unleashing an internal crisis that experienced heated discussions and triggered Delpin’s estrangement from some of the members of the board, such as Senator Yasna Provoste and the general secretary of the community, Cecilia Valdés.

In this sense, the mayor of La Granja points out that “what happened last week within the DC is something that is being resolved within our party. They are internal issues, and what we have raised is, for now, to focus on directly to what is the campaign for approval. They have been intense days, but it has not transcended beyond that, and the party has remained permanently focused on the territorial deployment of the campaign. Regarding the complaint, it is something that is will resolve internally at the time, after the plebiscite on September 4”.

Likewise, Delpin adds that it was by mutual agreement in the board of directors that there would be no public comments on the controversy and that it will be a situation that will be resolved internally. “What the national table agreed is to look for instances where they act with all transparency, and that the call to militancy is to continue focused on the campaign for the Approval. That was the agreement, I am not going to leave there, because everything We are going to see the rest internally and we are not going to divert the attention, of our comrades and the party, with respect to other issues that are not the campaign for the Approval”, concluded the president of the phalanx.

The truth is that this embarrassing episode has caused more than one problem in coexistence within a party that is going through a complex situation, deepened by the decision of the National Board in favor of the I approve option, with a majority support of 63%. . A position that has brought greater fragmentation, public and private confrontations, and that have further stressed the present of a community that appears in limbo between the ruling party and the opposition, and that tries not to fall into “total political insignificance”, as Delpin himself warned, before the aforementioned National Board held on July 6.

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